Econet’s Kwesé TV finally goes live in select African countries, offers its full bouquet for US$25

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14 months after it was announced as the new entrant in African entertainment, Kwesé TV, the pay-TV service from Econet Media started broadcasting in Rwanda, Zambia and Ghana on 30 January 2017.

In its statement, Econet Media highlighted that the 3 country launch is the first phase of a rollout across Africa Kwesé TV with other countries lined up for launch soon.

According to information on the Kwesé TV website, its next stops will be Botswana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. 

 Kwesé TV is a “traditional” TV option. Viewers in these countries will have access to Kwesé TV through a Kwesé’s satellite dish and set-top-box (which most people know as a decoder). According to Kwesé TV, these will be available at leading retailers.

Viewers will have access to the full suite of content which Econet Media has been securing in the past year. This includes the sports content like English Premier League Football, NFL, NBA and UFC which has been flighted across Sub-Saharan Africa through the Kwesé TV sibling Kwesé Sports.

It’s not just a sports affair, though. There are channels for music, news and general entertainment and all in all Kwesé TV offers over 50 channels. These are available on a pay-as-you-watch model with 3 day, 7 day and 30-day subscription options for all its content. The monthly subscription has been set at US$25.

People outside the initial launch countries can still catch some of the Kwesé content (which is still the free stuff) that’s available on its mobile app.

The official launch of Kwesé TV as a fully-fledged terrestrial TV option pits it against DStv, Africa’s dominant pay TV service which is part of the Naspers empire. The extensive resources that Econet Media has poured into its own service will definitely position it as an alternative worth watching in the space.


  1. phidza

    Mwana wevhu sei watirasa kudai. kana kusatiisawo pa second phase here. Pakaipa

  2. SlowVybz

    That goes to show how Zim situation is messed up , he is being embraced by other countries , obviously the government said no , we want people to watch the news so do your kwese tv kunyika dzimwe dzese kwete Zimbabwe

  3. Anonymous

    I find it funny that we allow DSTV to operate in Zim and yet Kwese is facind hurdles to get approval.Our president claims to be so pan african and against the west and yet in an independent Zimbabwe a company formed by a local is facing hurdles and yet DSTV which was formed during apartheid South Africa is allowed to operate without hurdles.

    So much for pan africanism just goes to show how fake our president and politicians are.They only want to talk about patriotism and sovereignty only when its convenient for them.

    1. Mercy

      Why is Kwesi tv not mentioned Operating in South Africa? Simple they would not be allowed to.

      1. Anonymous

        Why would they not be allowed to.Netflix is operating in SA?

        1. Mercy

          Ask Kwesi? One would of thought SA would have been on top of their list. Remember Netflix is an online service not Satellite. I am sure you can download and watch Kwesi’s free service online in Sa.

          1. Masaai

            Why should SA be top of the list???? Tanzania, Kenya Nigeria and Ghana only has an estimated 275-300million people with low penetration of satellite tv, while South Africa is already saturated by DSTV. As a business person you that SA is the list growth market for Kwesé service and doesn’t make sense to launch it there.

            Kwesé we’re waiting for you in Tanzania!

            Karibu Sana Dr Strive

      2. Charles Muzonzini

        SA is the home market for DSTV, harder for them to compete there. Instead, they have chosen to go for the lower hanging fruit in countries at the periphery of DSTVs main marker. And if you look closely, Rwanda & Ghana are very small geographically and they aren’t going straight for the really big markets like Kenya & Nigeria. They are being very strategic and this is a welcome development considering the stranglehold that DSTV has had on the market. As well finally I can watch NFL Football on TV again 😀

  4. Mercy

    ok just downloaded the App and the free service works (even on telone’s ADSL downgraded unreliable speeds). But there are so many apps from google play which gives me free access to movies and free live tv from the UK, USA and other African countries. Why should I pay $25? All channels after a few months of watching start to consist of repeats.

  5. the Oathkeeper

    25 is too much better subscribe Internet will watch more content than those channels

  6. Anonymous

    why not in your home country,mr masiyiwa???

  7. mzila

    So why is techzim telling us abt this , its got nothing to do with zimbos , only strive, So to you techzim if u have no stories to tell keep quite, econet bundles are very expensive

    1. Seta

      Ummm personally I think it’s a Zimbo story, we want to know this. One day they are gonna tell us it’s being lauched in Zim

  8. Shingai

    can I give your comment five stars (5*) yes I just did. Zimbabweans deserve better!!

  9. Roller Meal

    “Kwesé TV is a terrestrial TV option meaning that viewers in these countries will have access to Kwesé TV through a Kwesé’s satellite dish and set-top-box”
    Please clear up this confusion, a terrestial signal does not use satellite broadcasting.

    1. Nigel Gambanga

      Thanks for pointing out that error Roller Meal. It’s since been corrected.

  10. aeaweg

    The long game needs Zim in the picture

  11. me

    netflix is online,doesnt require a decoder,or any other equipment judt a internet capable device n a good broadband connection,so i doubt it needs th same legislation as pay tv does

  12. Misheck One Zulu

    Kwese TV is truly a game changer in Africa.It has very great channels with breath taking pictures more clearer than dstv.Zambians are enjoying this thanks to Dr Strive.



  14. Mukanya

    Kwese TV better than DSTV 100%

    1. Mmoloki Letebele

      Where ca we buy set top box for Kwesi tv in Botswana? we have been waiting for this opportunity in Botswana for so long…Dstv isnot an option anymore.

  15. Mmoloki Letebele

    where in Botswana can we find Kwesi Tv Set top box and where do we subscribe? please provide the information ASAP

  16. kenmilton okelo

    Welcome to Kenya. Dstv is already packing their luggage out of Kenya. Come and pick from where they left.

  17. Winter

    There is already star sat

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