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21 thoughts on “Living outside Zimbabwe? Here are 6 reasons to sign up for Steward Bank’s Diaspora account

  1. steward service is the worst, the master debit card even more. the queue is unimaginable. They tell everyone to check tomorrow for a notification. after hours of standing just to be told that crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Do yont u have to be in zimbabwe to open the account
    does the account come with online banking access
    do u have offices in the diaspora i.e south africa

  3. This story just shows the author never lived outside Zim and worked there.

    Its simple! Outside Zim, l earn interest for any money which l put into my account. What do get for my money l put into Steward bank, massive debt thru charges.

  4. Just know that when you do come to Zim you will NEVER withdraw that money as cash because Steward Bank don’t seem to believe in ATMs. The machines work for just a few days a month – and that includes even the machine AT THE BRANCH. They just keep a few around for decoration so that they look like a real bank. But they are NOT A REAL BANK – just a money-hostaging scheme who makes the bulk of their PROFIT from charging you to access your own money instead of from investments and lending like a REAL BANK. Steward Bank’s ACTUAL BUSINESS is transaction charges unlike most proper banks. ALWAYS KEEP THAT IN MIND! As for service: WORST BANK IN ZIMBABWE – just go to their Facebook page and see for yourself. Avoid this bank like the plague.

  5. It’s so embarrassing to call this an article, the author couldn’t put their name on it. Now we know who is paying the rent.

  6. There is no option to open an account just error after error on the website.

    The requested page “/diasporabanking/accounts/current-account” could not be found.

    The requirements are not even worth the process. I have an account with a bank in Zimbabwe and I am limited to US 50 per day regardless of the fact that cash is available in the countries we stay.

    1. Hi Tafadzwa. Sorry for the hick up, we have fixed the link and it is working now!
      Steward Bank cards are not restricted to Zimbabwean withdrawal limits outside the country because they have a fully declared diaspora unit which is why I chose them as a case study. However, if the ATM you are using has its own limit that limit will aplly and currently the Mastercard they are issuing has a limit of US$1000

      Hope that helps…

      1. Thats a lie sir, am an account holder myself and there are ridiculous limits. The system doesnt seem to be stable as well, error after error.

  7. How can you sell something and don’t put a price to it. Whats the cost structure. Is the price so steep its even embarrassing to put it in the open. Is it a death by transaction charges scheme

  8. “This is an article that contains referral links and we may receive some financial benefit if you decide to take action on anything listed below. We will ONLY refer stuff that we ourselves will use here at the office”

    Didn’t anyone read this??

  9. @faisal I was also wondering the same thing typical of zimbos quick to draw blood before getting the message

  10. I have that account and its useless to be honest. I managed to withdraw twice in UK at ATM’s but after that its always a ”contact your card issuer message at the ATM’ even though there is money in the account.

  11. After reading this article, I thought maybe they have stepped up their game.

    I had opened a savings account with Steward Bank late September last year and filled all the forms for Ecocash linking & Mastercard. I was told the Ecocash will work within 48-72hrs and the Mastercard will be ready for collection after 31days which was no problem.

    All started going wrong when it took me several calls to Both Ecocash and Steward bank customer care logging in my query & even visiting Econet shops & several Steward bank branches all they did was blame the other party for the lag in the linkup.

    Up to now as I post this(Jan 26, 2017), my Ecocash & steward bank account aren”t linked and have been told to wait (for 48-72 hours for the linking process to be completed) for at least 6 times now by both Econet & steward bank.

    Also, I deposited $10 into my account upon opening and have done a trial transaction of around $0.50 / 50c in December but when I request my balance it now says I have $ 2.35 (W.T.F ???). when I asked the bank officials what had happened to my money, they started explaining to me all the hidden charges they never mentioned when i opened my account so my question is now how can i have confidence putting more of my money in such a bank when its so good at explaining how they vaporised my money from my 0% charge 0% interest account they told me upon opening???

    About my Mastercard, yesterday(Jan 25, 2017) I went to steward bank Avondale branch expecting a better service and same story, I was told my Mastercard was at my Branch(Kwame Nkurumah) and ready for collection(did I mention I waited for more than 45 mins to get this response ?)..with the energy & zest I was given by this article, I rushed to my branch to collect my Mastercard but alas, after waiting for some more 55 mins, I was told that the mastercard I applied for in Sept Last year isn’t available and I have to re-apply and wait further 21 days.

    Funny Irony is: In the Kwame Nkurumah branch they have a large poster on the wall written, “we promise to serve you within 10 minutes and call Customer service on 0808 8888 if you are not happy with our service”.
    First, it took me more than 50 mins standing in a queue with less than 8 people in my front to get served and second, calling the toll free number takes and additional 15 minutes or more for the customer service to pick up, then they refer you to their branches where you have been running from in the first place… I’m like, “is this a joke ?” and one of their workers says, “the 10 minutes on the poster mean ten minutes upon sitting on a chair interfacing with their personnel when your turn to get served comes”. Meaning they don’t even care to count how long you stand in a queue ???

    In a Nutshell, Steward Bank & Econet’s advertising is superb but they really don’t offer the service they tell you, its like they say the “politically correct ” things to get customers hyped up but as soon as u enter the door you’ll find a whole different story. Very poor service indeed and am disappointed that the apologies I get from your customer services personnel aren’t sincere and they will not help me in any way to regain my lost funds, time and opportunities. As we used to say when we were young “Sorry yakaperera kuhondo”

  12. What we want to know always and first is, how much does it cost? What are the monthly fees on the account and what are the transaction fees?

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