All mobile app stores in China are now required to register with the government

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The Chinese Cyberspace Administration issued a bill stating that from January 16 2017 all mobile app stores in China should register with this body.

With over 200 mobile app stores running in China alone, the regulator mentions concerns with application quality as well as security stating that applications are the main entry of malware and security breaches in mobile devices.

The regulator also mentions the lack of basic management of application stores as there is no set format on their structure and content.

A snippet from their press statement

National Network Information Office spokesman said the Internet application store as the main entrances and exits of APP, the distribution channel to further highlight the role. At the same time, some of the basic norms of the application store is not perfect, basic management is not in place, in order to seek the economic interests of the pursuit of large and comprehensive collection of the number of APP on-shelf audit check strict, resulting in some dissemination of illegal information, infringement of legitimate rights and interests, Security risks APP frequency, the community reacted strongly.

National Network Information Office spokesman pointed out that the Internet application store filing work is to adhere to the rule of law network, according to the pipe network, the implementation of “mobile Internet application information service management requirements,” the relevant requirements, consolidate the basis of mobile Internet management, standardize the application store Industry order of the important initiatives and key links.

This move may improve on application delivery as well as security which is nowadays a burning topic as more and more data is being requested by applications that users may not realize.


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