Mobile operators yet to activate new prices for voice & data, awaiting instruction from POTRAZ

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Recently we learnt that POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator drafted a new set of floor prices for mobile data bundles and voice calls – 2 cents per Megabyte (MB) and 12 cents per minute.

These new prices, justified by POTRAZ as a way of protecting the telecoms operators, have stoked a lot of negative sentiment from subscribers who will face the adjustment as an increase in the cost of internet access.

Though initially reported to be effective from the 9th of January 2017, the new prices are yet to be adopted by all three mobile operators.

A quick check today on all three mobile networks – Econet, NetOne and Telecel – showed the same tariffs for voice and data bundles were still in use.


The three mobile networks are yet to announce any changes to their product lineups and efforts to get clarification from them weren’t successful. POTRAZ would not offer any further clarification on the matter as well.

A source from one of the operators who spoke off record mentioned that they are waiting for the final instruction to do so from POTRAZ which appears to be tying up some issues around the new regulations.

Of course, subscribers, who naturally hoped that the prices wouldn’t be effected, aren’t bothered by the delay. The longer it takes for POTRAZ to act on the unfavourable pricing, the longer there will be access to affordable data options.


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  1. Chief Of Protocol ?? says:

    So much for reducing tariffs…

  2. Anonymous says:

    A work around is buying a Cdma phone or dual CDMA and GSM then use powertel or africom . Africom has a bundle for $5 for 3gig and powertel has $2.50 for 1 gig and 2 weeks and you can teether and use internet. Valid for those where the two providers have their services ie in major cities amnd towns

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