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NetOne increases data on WhatsApp & Facebook bundles – here’s a comparison with competitors’ offers

NetOne the Zimbabwean mobile network operator has revised its bundled mobile data packages, reintroducing daily bundles and setting data caps on all its social media offerings.

The changes didn’t just end there, though. NetOne also marginally increased data limits on its WhatsApp and Facebook bundles, something that could help subscribers stretch the value that they get for each bond coin spent on these bundles.

Bundle validity periodOld Facebook Bundles limits (MB)New Facebook Bundles limits (MB)Old WhatsApp Bundles limits (MB)New WhatsApp bundles limits (MB)New Twitter Bundles limits
24 hours2740274050
7 days8010080100100
30 days225250225250300

So just how well does this new data lineup compare to what the other mobile networks are offering? The table below shows a quick comparison of the bundles offered by Econet, NetOne and Telecel, providing a glimpse of just how much data subscribers can get for each bundle on each network.

MOBILE OPERATORS/ValidityFacebook Bundles WhatsApp Bundles Twitter Bundles 
24 hours0.30200.3020n/an/a
7 days0.95700.9590n/an/a
30 days3.002203.00220n/an/a
24 hours0.27400.27400.2750
7 days0.871000.871000.87100
30 days2.802502.802502.80300
24 hours0.35200.3520n/an/a
7 days1.001001.00180n/an/a
30 days2.852002.85300n/an/a

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4 thoughts on “NetOne increases data on WhatsApp & Facebook bundles – here’s a comparison with competitors’ offers

  1. Techzim is like a mouthpiece for NETONE, are you saying there is no other tech new in Zimbabwe and globally? The whole day, Hour after hour, Netone this Netone that.
    What is the latest on the Min Of Education e-learning, How are Mobile Network Operators planning to respond in the parliamentary hearing on Monday? How is this continuous rainfall affecting business, Netone Base stations falling is it affecting QoS?, Is Zimbabwe looking forward to any Technological investment from the USA during the Trump reign?

    1. Is it? i dont think so. Its just that currently in there times of data wars, it seems Net One is offering cheaper data. I am not sure if it will be able to handle data traffic from their subscribers because the last time i used Net One some time ago, i could use my allocation because the network was so bad.

    2. Honestly, if you have problems with techzim go read the herald website, im sure you will find what you are looking for. When you get answers to your questions come back and tell us also.

  2. Also inform us of the sea cable capacity available to each mno and who controls it. Tell us about the impact of liquid and neotel setup vs the state access to sea cable

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