NetOne adjusts its internet lineup, reintroduces generous daily bundle with more data -$1 for 300 MB

NetOne Zimbabwe, NetOne Brodband

Local mobile network operator, NetOne, has revised its data packages increasing the data allowance on its bundles and effectively reintroducing its more generous daily data bundles lineup.

According to the new advert posted on its Facebook page, under the daily data bundles, subscribers can now get 1 GB for $2 and 300 MB for $1, which is a huge leap from the $1 for 17 MB which the operator had adopted. It’s worth noting, though, that this is more of a reintroduction.


Prior to the $1/17 MB offer, which was introduced in 2016 when the regulator refused to renew all data promotions, NetOne used to offer 270 MB for $1 valid for 48 hours. This package was suspended in August 2016. These new bundles mark the return of its “generous” daily data offer, along with and extra 30 MB.

Judging from the flier NetOne is promoting the “new” bundles as YouTube, Netflix and Skype bundles. This isn’t entirely true as there are no bundles for these specific services. Hopefully, this won’t mislead some subscribers into thinking that there’s an unlimited internet video bundle out there.

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2 thoughts on “NetOne adjusts its internet lineup, reintroduces generous daily bundle with more data -$1 for 300 MB

  1. Its like Netone uses Telecel as an incubator for ideas then waits to just copy there products. Netone should rather be focused on getting ahead of Econet and bring more overlay services on education, farming health and mobile finance. I hope they will wake up one day and realize who the real competition is.

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