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Photography is a journey for the senses. Let me take you through it.

I still remember the first time I held a camera in 2002 it was a proper negative film camera and I remember getting lost behind the lens. It was like pausing time and capturing a slice of the moment to enjoy at my leisure.

Now as old as I am, photography has become part of me and though I am a self taught photographer the internet has been the precision tool that aided in sharpening my photography skills.

Everything from close up shots, landscapes, abstract and portrait there was a certain philosophy to it that an image on its own should be taken so expertly that editing is a luxury rather than a necessity.

Nonetheless scouring all over the internet was tasking due to lack of a curriculum and me being an utter novice. So if you are an upcoming photographer who enjoys life behind the lens then maybe you need to take a look at Udemy.

Photography Masterclass is an all in one package suited for beginners as well as individuals like me with a bit of insight on photography. What is fascinating about this course is not only its $10 price tag, but also that you’ll have lifetime access to it as you horn your skills.

It comprises of history of photography, understanding the camera, how it works and its components. You will also be advised on the type of equipment and accessories you might need to work with the camera.

Also you will be diving into the settings of the camera. Getting to know what ISO is and how to match it with shutter speed for the best shot among other settings.

You get to know more about stabilisation for blur free shots, motion shots and how to actually make money with photography, the whole 9 yards.

A few samples of what I was able to do with skills from the web.

Here are a few fruits of my labours.

All these photos I captured using smartphone cameras. They work even better if you get a proper DSLR camera. I got my skills from SleekLens. You can too.

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