Telecel subscribers enjoy cheaper internet access as operator maintains old tariffs


Telecel subscribers are currently enjoying cheaper access to the internet than subscribers on Econet after Telecel maintained its data tariffs in spite of a POTRAZ directive to set new floor prices.


For $1, Telecel subscribers get 150 MB while $2 secures 500 MB. The bundles are valid for 24 hours.



These prices are actually a revision of what Telecel used to offer.

Towards the end of 2016, the operator halved its previous data allocation on these bundles, effectively raising the price of its data and becoming the most expensive mobile data service at the time.

Now, with the new floor prices gazetted by POTRAZ, Telecel has emerged as a cheaper alternative ahead of Econet Wireless, the country’s largest mobile operator.

Econet which is Zimbabwe’s only privately owned operator (government is Telecel’s majority shareholder) is the only mobile operator so far to comply with POTRAZ’s pricing directive, offering as little as 10 MB for $1.

The third operator, NetOne, which is wholly owned by the government, has also held off on adjusting its tariffs and is appealing to POTRAZ to revise its position on the new prices.

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4 thoughts on “Telecel subscribers enjoy cheaper internet access as operator maintains old tariffs

  1. Is this a case of the government not playing by its own rules? Where parastatals ignore government directives while the minister pleads ignorance

  2. It is completely inaccurate that Telecel has not responded to government directives!!! If Econet has gone above and beyond the price floor to floor their subscribers (pun intended) it is not Telecel’s fault.Telecel complied and changed prices on the 19th of Dec 2016. Their prices factor in taxes and other hidden costs.

  3. Im starting to believe that Techzim is Anti-Econet because it only talked about Econet’s new tariffs and yet NetOne has even more expensive tariffs than Econet.Same applies with Telecel. They are not talking about that. instead they lie that Netone has maintained its old tariffs. Its one thing that the Regulalator Bullies Econet, but a much worse thing for the media to do the same. (Netone Tarrifs are get more expensive as the bundles get larger compared to Econet)

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