Are you into IT and have always wished to work for Google? Here is your chance

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If you always wanted to work for Google you should be happy to hear that Google is looking for people in Zimbabwe who have at least a diploma in IT who want to get involved in the Digital Africa Google Program to train one million young Africans aged between 25-35years of age on basic IT and organizational skills.

The stage is being set for this rollout in Zimbabwe soon. Other countries like Kenya and Ghana have started already.

If you are interested in becoming a trainer in this program or just to keep updated on what’s going on about this program fill this form here.




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  1. Peter Raeth says:

    Have posted this link to my LinkedIn contacts and sent it to my contacts at the Chinhoyi University of Technology and the University of Zimbabwe.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks a lot, i have submitted the form

  3. Mark-antony says:

    thanks alot, i have submitted the form…hoping for positive feedback. will share with other students at Africa university

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