Bond notes worth more than their face value?

Bond notes have surfaced on a popular online shopping website eBay with a $2 bond note retailing for up to $15 at the time of writing.

Interesting however, the sellers of these bond notes seem to be concentrated in Germany where the Zimbabwean currency was once being printed back in the day which can purely be a coincidence. Whatever the case might be, the new currency seems to be claiming an antique status. Have any thoughts towards this hit us up in the comments.


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7 thoughts on “Bond notes worth more than their face value?

  1. Was just doing some research and confirmed – professional counterfeiters DO in fact often bleach other notes and then print fake money on top of them. I always suspected this was why bearer cheques were sought after: and the bearers had more of a case for “novelty antique” than these bond notes do. People aren’t buying this just for curiosity in those quantities – I just don’t believe it. The bonds are also the EXACT same size as US Dollar notes. A counterfeiter can’t use Rands for example because they are too short on the long side (X axis). Somebody really needs to look into this.

    1. As much as your research and confirmed result give you a exciting theory, just some background – the USD is printed on cotton not paper and the watermark in the USD cannot be superimposed on your “bleached” bond note. Bondnotes are purely collectors items…and the collectors probably know we are going to run through the whole series from tens, hundreds, thousands to billions and trillions with the bond notes.

      Sorry to spoil your fun.

      1. What type of paper are bond notes printed on then, if not cotton paper? The quality might not be as good at the USD, but it’s definated not good ol’ bond paper.

  2. Lol Allaz you are funny. They are simply collectors’ items. Nothing more exciting than that. I’m curious to know where you are getting your research from, care to provide references? Some of us actually sell these notes.

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