Why I hate the new Nokia 3310

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The Nokia 3310 is out and all die hard Nokia fans are buried deep in nostalgia. However i’m not too fond of the device at all. Here is why.

To me the 3310 evolved itself from being just another Nokia model to being its own brand. Now I get that the 3310 was supposed to pay homage to its iconic ancestor the first 3310 but i feel that making another feature phone in this day and age does not do the 3310 brand enough justice.

I mean if the 3310 is to get to Zimbabwe that is where almost everyone’s EcoCash line is going to be (yes I said EcoCash line) and therefore it will be deemed nothing than a sentimental, flashy secondary device for your other line.

Image Courtesy of Indian Times

This is a Nokia 3310 Brand and not just another Nokia model. I feel it deserves to be a gem in the new Nokia lineup. A feature rich, modern smartphone with a classic 3310 design language offering a unique alternative to the bar shape slab type smartphones we see in all brands today. The Nokia 3310 is not just an iconic model, it’s an iconic brand.



  1. Clement

    I was expected more substance , this is a shallow criticism that misses the point of why the 3310 was relaunched. You lament why Nokia has not launched a feature rich modern model, i would point you the Nokia X line. This is a re-launch of the 3310 is NOT an attempt to create a new awesome smart phone. Its NOT a smart phone, its a relaunch of virtually the same “Dumb” phone of the late 90s with a few improvement. To lament that it sucks because its not a smart phone means you have completely missed the point.

    1. Zibusiso Masuku

      Same here, I actuallyu expected some solid points. But well, it his reasons..

    2. Anonymous

      This should have been the article.

  2. Anonymous

    The Nokia guys even said the new 3310 is those who want to digitally detox

  3. muvig

    Taura hako Clement, You can say that again clement,

  4. suckit

    What a useless piece of sh!t article from this clown!

  5. KG

    The article itself is poor but I do feel the HMD missed a massive opportunity to make the 3310 (new) a phone people would actually want and use as a primary phone. I feel budget smartphone would’ve been a bold and rewarding step. Pretty sure there’s already a phone with all this somewhere in Nokia’s back catalogue. Was this a good move? Yes. But I feel there was a better move available to them.

    1. Bricked

      They have phones in that category, the Nokia 6, 5 and 3. They were announced for global distribution at the exact same time as the 3310. The problem is, even though they are not bad phones, no ordinary android phone could compete with the hype around the 3310 legend.

      Interestingly enough, in some corners of the net where I hang out, people are incredibly annoyed that the new 3310, simple as it is, is too advanced to be a worthy successor to the original. You really can’t please all of the people all of the time!

  6. tc

    The 3310 was my first fon n I tell u coz of the memories am goin to get the new version.

    Jus amazed by the writer n their poor article,such a lack of substance in a techzim article is a first.like seriously guys….haa tipeiwo maserious

  7. follow

    ? where are your facts? Useless article ever
    wait to use it first

  8. DeepMind

    The article was a personal opinion, however the writer overlooked the basic fact that…people aren’t excited about the Nokia 3310 as a phone, just more what the phone represents

  9. Mockx

    Poor article… I expected the new. 3310 to at least run whatsapp. What they did is like to relaunch the original Walkman as it is without usb

    1. Bricked

      I think Deepmind’s comment is on point. This is an idea phone whose value lies more in the legacy it represents than its actual utility. Even Nokia itself has phones that compete toe to toe on features and performance (probably where the parts came from) at a significantly lower price and arguably better looks. The 3310’s job was to boost positive Nokia mindshare and it it did it well.

  10. Sagitarr

    It is very difficult for one to appreciate the Nokia 3310 if they never really used it (or were not yet born or were still dependents and couldn’t buy own stuff then).

    I am buying one asap – the phone never seems to run out of battery power, was small enough to fit into a pocket, easy menu navigation, light-weight etc in those days anyway.

    I’m also a hi-fi enthusiast with a turntable and cassette player as part of my collection. I also collect coins etc If funds permitted I would also have liked to have the following for nostalgic (and scientific reasons):-
    WANG Desktop with orange/green monochrome screen and no hard drive but dual floppy 5.25inch drive complete with Windows ver 1.0 and the game Reversi, no mouse.
    80286 desktop with Lotus 123, WordPerfect and Multimate Advantage II with monochrome screen.
    80386DX40 with Windows 3.1 and Harvard Presentation Graphics and PacMan, GWBasic and Nibbles!!
    80486 with MSDOS 5 and Windows 95 complete with Netscape and Flipper etc
    Home made wooden flipper (made one in 1979 during Form 2)
    “Bottlephone” (8 x empty Dairiboard Milk Bottles in Rhodesia was my “piano”)
    Home made projector for the old film reels, complete with sprocket for movement but without the light-to-sound convertor bit.

  11. Darius

    I have been reading a few articles from the author (and also the whole website in general) and I have noticed a few things that make the website as a whole lose credibility. First, most of the articles are just opinion. Like this one: So the author hates the new 3310 (for all the wrong reasons, if I may add)… who cares? Perhaps his case would be more solid if he had stated supporting facts like performance and features on the device. Instead, his reasons are purely his personal preferences. I’m not sure what techzim hopes to accomplish by publishing articles that are mostly about opinion. In politics, opinion works, but in the tech industry facts matter more. The article would have been more appealing if the author had compared the old and the new 3310 specs, performance, features, etc. that’s what readers would expect from a tech article.

    The other thing common in most articles on techzim is that they do not cite sources. If an author just publishes an article without sources, or at least pointing readers in a direction to check facts, that only results in poor quality of articles. And leaves the readers to assume that everything on the website is mostly opinion, which misses the point of techzim (http://www.techzim.co.zw/about/)

    To the authors here, I would say take more pride in your work. Strive for high quality. Cite your sources. State facts and minimize personal opinions and preferences. Do that, and you would have better feedback on your work.

  12. charan

    Hello, This phone is for all Nokia Fans.. its not your everyday smartphone.. its just a thing you would like to have in your pocket all the time.. I dont think you are nokia fan at all.

    This is a bad article, your article sucks not phone, it does not have any content.. you have put a fan made image of 3310 dont know why!!

  13. Tim philander

    I think instead of making it more colorful, they have to stick with old fashioned theme to attract specific niche customers.

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