No price increase for DStv Zimbabwe subscribers…for now

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MultiChoice South Africa recently announced that the cost of DStv South Africa bouquets will be going up with effect from the 1st of April 2017.

The adjustment, which looks like one of the almost regular DStv annual price increases has also raised questions about whether or not the same adjustment will be made by DStv Zimbabwe.

Techzim reached out to MultiChoice Zimbabwe to verify the possibility of an increase for Zimbabwe. In a brief response, the company has advised that it is yet to receive any communication from its parent company MultiChoice Africa regarding such an adjustment.

DStv Zimbabwe prices will remain the same so for now, it looks like there’s no increase to worry about.


  1. Robert

    Dear friends, If your DS TV subscription has expired now so just wait for a month before you pay. If you’ve download facility, save maximum movies from there. Let’s see how DS TV response when they get NO BUSINESS in Harare. I’m sure within a month or so you’ll just be paying same as in SA, $ 55- for all channels without you paying extra $ 2- as bank commision. Don’t spoil your brains in watching same movies everyday. STORE it, Watch them as many times you like.

  2. waito

    listen zim pays a static figure cz its bard. urren y so no the whole exchange rate etc excuse doesn’t work here. dstv can’t expect zim to be that profitable.

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