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Telecash stops DStv payments

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Telecash, the second most popular mobile money payments platform in Zimbabwe, will no longer accept DStv payments. Telecel (the company), sent out the statement to its customers this morning via SMS announcing the change:

Dear Customer,

Due to factors beyond our control, DSTV payments on Telecash will cease on 28 February 2017, till further notice. All other services remain available.

This follows a similar move by EcoCash just two months ago. Similarly, EcoCash also blamed circumstances beyond their control. Then, however, Multichoice placed the blame squarely on EcoCash.

In fact, DSTV emphasised that this was just an EcoCash thing in a statement they sent to us when we asked them. “This development does not affect any other payment platform available to Zimbabwean subscribers”, they said.

We’ll be finding out more from both parties so hopefully we’re all clear what’s going on.

For those of you that were using Telecash for your DStv payments, find here how you can use other methods to pay for your DSTV.

Screenshot below:

Telecash stops DSTV payments

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4 thoughts on “Telecash stops DStv payments

  1. What is really going on? Is it that Multi-choice is then requesting the amount to transferred to RSA which is near impossible?

  2. All the more reason for Strive to work harder and get things going in Zim. Both Kwese and Multichoice should come up with content options that don’t result in externalization of forex.

    1. How do you do that when you are being denied option of partnering with Dead Bee Cee?

      Strive and Multichoice have nothing to work hard for, they have other markets which are very business friendly, where government acts as governement not like here where government is real uninformed competitor to every business on the land.

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