DStv Payment Methods As Of March 2017

Multichoice Zimbabwe

A lot has been happening in the ‘payments of DStv subscriptions’ arena over the last couple of months. First, Ecocash reduced the amounts that subscribers could pay for their subscriptions, then they outright stopped taking payments (well, they moved to accepting from their Rand accounts).

Then Telecash followed suit by cancelling, and more recently CABS revised their terms of accepting payments.

I’m somewhat happy that there’s been a power fault in our neighbourhood for more than 3 weeks now, in that the conversation with the Mrs in regards to paying our monthly subscription has  not yet been had. Thank you ZESA!


However, eager to know what the status of payment for one’s DStv account as of today (March 22, 2017) for our readers I took a trip to Multichoice Zimbabwe to know more. So if you want to know how to pay DStv through the following methods, hopefully this will help:


If you have cash (whether Bond Notes or USD) there are a number of options for you.

Multichoice Zimbabwe themselves do not accept cash payments and you will have to make your way to one of the following banks: FBC, ZB, CBZ, Metbank, POSB, Stanbic and Steward Bank. NMB (Avondale Branch) also accept.

Another option is to convert that money to South African Rands (don’t ask me if I know any names of money changers at Roadport) and put it in your Ecocash Rand account and then make that payment from there.

Bank Cards

If you walk into a Multichoice shop today, they allow you to swipe from a number of bank cards. They accept all ZimSwitch bank cards, with the exception of the following: ZB, NBS, NMB. They also do not accept Ecocash Mastercards.

The exception of the above mentioned ZimSwitch cards is temporary, as they state that they’re looking into rectifying the ‘anomaly’.


Bank Payments

Using either your mobile or online banking one is capable of making payment for your DStv account. The following banks accept payments towards DStv through your bank account with them: FBC, CABS, NMB, Barclays, ZB, CBZ, Metbank, Standard Chartered (mobile payments only), POSB, Stanbic and Steward Bank

Online Payments

Multichoice also accept payments online, allowing customers to pay using their bank cards, whether Visa or Mastercard. If you have a bank account that can make online payments, then visit the PayU website and transact there.

Hopefully this article has assisted in allowing you to make your payment, if it hasn’t please state your case in the comments and I’ll be sure to follow it up.

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  1. I payed through my bank yesterday in the afternoon but I’m not yet connected Zb Bank help me please I am trying to call you but your lines are busy

  2. I paid today 8/4/17 for dstv account 43976391 Family bouquet through CABS mobile banking but have not been connected util now. Last time you did the same and you alleged that I was supposed to.subscribe for a compact bounquet which I never subscribed for since 2012.

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