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Econet Re-enables 100% Wifi Data Promotion

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News coming up online show that Econet Wireless are reactivating their ‘100% wifi promotion’ that was initially suspended last year in August.

The promotion affords subscribers 100% value of their data purchase, a lot similar to Telecel’s Mega Juice promotion that ran for a number of years, albeit this targets wifi data and not voice calls, with this data only being used on their wifi hot zone.

Econet have over 300 wifi zones around the country and with more uses opting to go for mobile data, the opportunity is immense for subscribers ‘on the go’.

The validity period for the wifi data is based on the bundle that you’d have purchased, which from the image below ranges from 24 hours to 30 days.

Econet wifi data zones validity period

Interestingly to note from the above image is that Econet now have a longer period options for the lower data units: you can buy $0.50 worth of data to last as long as a month. With the thirsty apps that we have, I don’t foresee many opting for such, or at least finding value out of this.

To find out where there is an Econet wifi zone, download their app (android or iOS) and check which location is close to you.

Is This A Big Deal?

I’m one those that has a home and office solution for my internet needs and I drive between these two locations. However, there are those instances that I’d be out the office, but not at home and needing to connect to the internet.

For now, NetOne’s OneFusion has ticked that box for me (their $10 package is what I’m on) and in comparison to the above for that same value of $10, Econet subscribers will only get as much as 800 MBs for a month. NetOne affords me 800 MBs alone to browse anything, while giving me over 2 GBs to enjoy WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

For those who have an Econet sim card and do not have a dual sim with an extra NetOne line, then yes, you don’t really have an option.

That Econet Wifi Zones are at every ZOLspot and both of these services are offered through wifi, then I’d opt to get ZOL’s 5 GB recharge voucher that last for 21 days instead.

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  1. When is Econet going to introduce Voice over Wi-Fi? Would be a great deal for those who need to maintain the Econet number without incurring the unaffordable roaming charges.

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