Friday Deal: Bluetooth remote controlled selfie stick by Amplify

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Selfie sticks are now a modern age accessory offering a new angle towards self portrait photography. Now there are many many selfie sticks out there of all varieties but the common flaw has been they are not universal. It can work well on Android devices but end up killing an iPhone.

Amplify however now comes with a selfie stick that operates using a bluetooth remote. The cool thing about this selfie stick is that since it uses bluetooth which is available on all devices that have a camera it makes it compatible across platforms.

Fully retracted the selfie stick measures 13.5cm and can add an extra 60cm to your arm’s reach when fully extended. If you love taking videos as well you just have to try taking videos with a selfie stick. They are unbelievable when it comes to minimizing camera shake in videos.

You can be more creative with a selfie stick and with Amplify’s Bluetooth selfie stick you can do more on multiple platforms with added remote shooting capabilities.


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