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Hypercube Hub funder, Hivos, comments on abuse-of-funds audit report

As you may already know, earlier today we reported on a Hypercube Hub audit report that was released today via email and Facebook by the Hypercube Hub Working Group. The audit report exposes apparent irregularities and possible abuse of funds by some of the founders of the hub.

We reached out to the organisations that funded Hypercube Hub – Hivos, the US Embassy in Zimbabwe and Indigo Trust.

So far Hivos have responded and they have chosen not to say much the report’s contents. They have confirmed that they did terminate their partnership with Hypercube Hub but refused to disclose the details. Ofcourse we are left wondering what the reasons are and if making them public would cause too much trouble for people and organisations involved, including Hivos itself.

Here’s the the full response they sent to Techzim:

The audit report that Techzim is basing its article on seems to have been a private initiative and is not an official audit done by an official audit firm.

Hivos was no part of the audit and cannot confirm the findings of this audit report.

Hivos does confirm that it supported Hypercube and that indeed we terminated the contract with Hypercube.

The reasons for terminating the contract, given in the so-called audit report, reflect Hivos general contract terms, summing up reasons for terminating any contract with any partner.

Hivos is not in a position to specify which terms were specifically broken, as that is between Hivos and the contracted party, in this case Hypercube.

Hivos regrets that an initiative that was meant to benefit the Zimbabwean people has failed.

According to the audit report (and as confirmed by Hivos in this communication to us), under the contract with Hypercube Hub, Hivos had a right to terminate the contract if:

  1. Hypercube Technology Trust misuses funds and /or is engaged in fraudulent actions;
  2. Hypercube Technology Trust is engaged in corrupt practices;
  3. Hypercube Technology Trust is engaged in child labor according to the definitions of the International Labour Organisation;
  4. Hypercube Technology Trust violates prevailing labour laws;
  5. Hypercube Technology Trust violates prevailing environmental laws;
  6. Hypercube Technology Trust tolerates discrimination or sexual harassment within the organization;
  7. Hypercube Technology Trust is no longer able or willing to implement the contract in accordance with the application;
  8. Hypercube Technology Trust does not submit mandatory reports within eight months;
  9. Hypercube Technology Trust transfers the implementation of the activities to another agency within the prior consent of Hivos

We have not received responses from the co-founders of Hybercube Hub whom we reached out to earlier today for comment.

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