Press Release: Telecel launches new voice and data bundle: MegaBoost

Telecel has announced a new data, voice and text package for its Telecel Go pre-paid subscribers. The offering which is known as MegaBoost is a combo bundle with various benefits.

Telecel Zimbabwe Head of Marketing, Mr. Christopher Rubatika, said the introduction of the MegaBoost package is Telecel’s response to the demand for more affordable mobile services for both voice and in particular data.

“MegaBoost, as the name suggests, is our all-inclusive package which gives our pre-paid customers a much needed boost in terms of making mobile services like data, voice, text and social media access more affordable. MegaBoost is a response to increasing customer requests for affordable mobile services.”


“Telecel has already created a reputation in the market for offering affordable services and for us, MegaBoost promotion is an example of one of our core corporate beliefs which is anchored on offering best value for money through quality affordable services and products,” he said.

“The popular $1 denomination, for example, will give Telecel customers on the MegaBoost package 30MB for WhatsApp, 50MB data to surf however one likes, 15 minutes of telecel-to-telecel voice calls, 4 minutes of calls to other local networks, and 15 texts all valid for 24 hours. On the high end, $10 will provide unlimited WhatsApp, 1Gig of data, 150 minutes of telecel-to-telecel calls, 25 minutes to call other local networks and 300 SMS all valid for a full month” Mr Rubatika added.

MegaBoost package will give Whatsapp, data, voice calls and text benefits to Telecel customers who have recharged with 50 cents, $1, $2, $5, and $10. Pre-paid customers who recharge for 50 cents all the way up to $10 can purchase the MegaBoost bundle by dialling *480#.

In the recent past there has been a public outcry in Zimbabwe calling on mobile networks to keep voice and data prices more affordable. Telecel’s latest offering is a response to this demand for affordable mobile services. The mobile network is well known for offering bonus airtime or data through offers like the popular Mega Bonus.

The new package is the first of a number of offers that will be introduced by the mobile operator over the next few weeks as it moves into a new phase of development following the sale of the organisation from Vimpelcom late last year.

And here is the Techzim take on MegaBoost.

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14 thoughts on “Press Release: Telecel launches new voice and data bundle: MegaBoost

  1. “25 minutes to call other local networks…” sounds good to be true. How is the network reliability like in towns for internet and voice calls?

      1. Who are those customers and what are their consumption habits?

        I’m not counting the 150 on-net minutes because most numbers you would call are off-net because Telecel has the lowest market share, so the practical talk time you get is the 25 off-net minutes which translates to less than one minute a day. The 1GB data translates to 33MB per day which isn’t much. The lower tiers provide more value than this one.

  2. @Charls you clearly have no brains and masquerade as a graduate when u never made it past ZJC, i was pissed AF when data prices went up and to have something which gives 25min×0.16=$4 + 1gig 1024mb×0.15c=$153 plus unlimited whatsapp and calling is novel and you say its not a deal, dude u must be a retard.

  3. Nice package, i have Netone line but i can not afford to be recharging with $10 fusion everytime. I advised the call center a lot of times to put small one fusion denominations to satisfy majority of small income earners. Well now you dont have to guess where i will go to. You need to evolve to survive otherwise competition will eat u alive.

  4. Its quiet aggressive, at least u took hid of what people want on the data front. Clearly Supa is now cracking the whip at Telecel.

  5. Pakaipa we need such conpetitiveness in the industry to get good deals, the data prices should be controlled but left to market forces which can be determined by demand. So now we need Econet to come to the plate and also give good deals like One Fusion and MegaBoost. Uyo Charles doesnt know anything, vanhu vanongotaura pasina chavanoziva nezvirikuitika muIndustry.

  6. am pocketing my net1 line coz vandibira 95cents 2day.i had juiced $5 onefusion & the mormal 300mb data bundle had expired.2 day i juiced $1 with intention of buying $1 daily bundle only to find they have already subtracted $5 cents becoz of a text i sent yesterday without sms’s.ok then i topped up with another $1 to & bought the daily bundle & was doing this data connection off.after i saw that msg which informes that i bought i then turn on data.but they still went ahead vakatora 95 cents dzangu nxa.i called them again vakutaura this & that as if ndinopenga handizive zvandoita.better kuriisa muhomwe sim card racho tozama telecell

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