#TechzimDealsFriday Reimagining the standard adapter here is the PowerCube


It’s Friday and here is the deal:


PowerCube is essentially a cube designed power adapter with a couple of nifty features up its sleeve. So yes it offers you multiple power outlets from a single power outlet but it does so in a fashion that you would prefer docked in plain sight rather than tucked away under your desk or behind the cabinet.

The Adapter extension is 1.5m and incorporates a docking feature that allows it to be mounted vertically, horizontally or even upside down. It is capable of offering a maximum of 5 power outlets in a very compact and stylish design. Stylish always means attractive which can be frightening with kids roaming the place. Not a worry as PowerCube also comes with child proofing.


The PowerCube comes in a couple of flavours there is the PowerCube Extended USB that comes with additional USB port for charging smartphones and the Powercube Extended Remote which essentially is an adapter that can be powered on and off remotely. For our deal today we are offering the PowerCube Extended USB because:

  • Comes with a variety of ports that is 2 USB ports and up to 4 power outlets.
  • Comes at a more reasonable price.

For power right where you want it: take a look at PowerCube in our deals section.


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3 thoughts on “#TechzimDealsFriday Reimagining the standard adapter here is the PowerCube

  1. Hello

    I ordered the power cube order#104

    How long will the delivery take for a harare address the number 00263 8644058352 it not going through

    1. Hie there Vusa.
      If you ordered from Techzim it should be delivered to you Tuesday 28 March 2017.
      If you have any inquiries the number you want to call is +263 733 191 091

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