It’s called MegaBoost and it offers unlimited WhatsApp. Finally something new from Telecel


Telecel hasn’t launched anything in a while. In a very long while. They have been quiet in their corner while other companies released new stuff (in the case of NetOne) or complained about not being allowed to release new stuff (in Econet’s case).

So you can imagine our surprise and pleasure today when we received an email from Telecel today announcing the launch of new data bundles called MegaBoost. Pleasure because we think this is a really good deal for a lot of data users in Zimbabwe.

Essentially MegaBoost bundles are about providing affordable access to WhatsApp and the rest of the internet. Telecel are being particular here that in Zimbabwe, there’s WhatsApp and there’s everything else. And so MegaBoost has emphasis on making WhatsApp available. At least I think $5 for unlimited WhatsApp is a good deal.


Here are all the MegaBoost bundles:

 50 Cents Bundle$1 Bundle$2 Bundle$5 Bundle$10 Bundle
WhatsApp5Mb30Mb60 MbUnlimitedUnlimited
Rest of the Internet20Mb50Mb150 Mb350 Mb1Gb
Calls to Telecel numbers10 minutes15 minutes30 minutes60 minutes150 minutes
Calls to other networks2 mins4 minutes10 minutes15 minutes25 minutes
Bundle valid for24 hours24 hours48 hours1 month1 month

To buy MegaBoost bundles use USSD code *480#

If you’re wondering how they compare to NetOne’s OneFusion and Econet WhatsApp bundles, read this article on the revised OneFusion bundles ($5 is 700MB of WhatsApp) and this broad comparison of WhatsApp and Facebook bundles in Zimbabwe.

To be clear though, comparison really is a case of apples and oranges. Ultimately, what’s important is how much Facebook and Twitter matter to you individually. If they do matter a lot, then Telecel’s MegaBoost bundles are not for you. However if communicating and sharing on WhatsApp feels adequate, that $5 bundle is quite attractive.

BTW I think only the $5 and $10 MegaBoost bundles are worth looking at. Below that I’d feel robbed.

Telecel’s WhatsApp bet might pay off. In fact I’m confident it will, but I may be misreading people’s preferences in apps, so we’ll see.

The important thing, which unfortunately Telecel doesn’t say in today’s announcement, is what the cap on this “unlimited” is. That there’s a cap is not to be doubted however. It’s just better for Telecel to be transparent and upfront with the Fair Usage Policy (just a fancy acronym for the cap on unlimited products 😉 )

That said, I’m assuming POTRAZ relaxed the freeze on data promos by MNOs, otherwise how would Telecel launch this. And how would Econet launch yesterday’s promo.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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