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Top paying jobs in IT in Zimbabwe, Best Zimbabwean Android apps #AskTechzim

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12 thoughts on “Top paying jobs in IT in Zimbabwe, Best Zimbabwean Android apps #AskTechzim

  1. On best paying job issue, I know you have CV People data, but I think it’s more of which company you work for than the job you do. I believe Networking came with the highest salaries because most of the networking jobs mentioned are in telecoms e.g Network Planning Engineer. A person working for a telco is bound to make more than a person working elsewhere irregardless of the job being done

  2. Your facts are just unfounded, you guys know nothing about IT Jobs, you are just too Noisy. Relax Guys YOU KNOW NOTHING. Your Info you have from CV People isn’t so accurate coz its only for those IT Guys who uploaded their CVs

      1. it only depends if you have even to tell your girlfriend about your Salary, that Post is just misguided by a slow mind.

    1. They really should be careful who they recruit in IT Journalism. However I think it’s unfair to drag the entire institution into a individual’s poor research.

    2. I think we should have constructive criticism i.e suggest alternative data he should have used. As far as I know, CV People data is the only data available. Second, I don’t see anything wrong with having studied at MSU. I went to UZ, but whether you went to NUST, Bindura, HIT, Womens e.t.c, it’s all Zimbabwean education and it’s crappy. No need to attack MSU

    3. kkkk ava blaz ndovari ignorant manje. Raise points baba coz even a high school student can do that research and come up with points. hahaha

  3. Unbelievable. Is that how little the leading IT professionals earn in Zimbabwe? Zvaari maone chaiwo.

    If you’re good at what you do – try freelancing. One average job per month can get you the figures mentioned in the video post. The challenge might be consistent income at the start but after several months of hard work you would be earning way above those figures with little work from a combination of once-off jobs and retainers / maintenance fees. It doesnt matter which “sector” of IT you’re in. The reality is most companies can no longer afford a fully-fledged IT Department in our current economy. They would rather have good and professional consultants that they pay ad-hoc or who they pay a minimal monthly retainer.

    Cut the young man some slack. He clearly says “according to CV People”. And if it’s coming from CV people, it must be a decent assessment regardless of how much you earn at your company.

  4. Salaries are by and large confidential and even the data from CVPeople (or any other source) has a large margin of error. The Zim situation is very pathetic salary-wise. People that earn $1k locally are worth about R30k in RSA especially if they are good at what they do. But it won’t be surprising to find that primary school drop-outs are paid much more than that and have more responsibilities, never mind their performance – life is what it IS and not what it SHOULD be!!

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