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ZOL ‘reduces’ fibre prices. Introduces cheaper Night Owl browsing #FibroniksFast

If you have tried to buy ZOL fibre you’ve probably made your market comparisons and found that the $29 for 15GB a month was probably not the best deal on the market. Not the best deal ofcourse assuming there was another provider that had fibre installed on your street. Or maybe even that maybe fibre just wasn’t affordable enough for you yet.

ZOL has hopefully changed that. The company has increased the data caps on its fibre. That $29 package now provides 25GB of data.

And that’s not all. You can also sign up for what ZOL’s calling the Night Owl browsing which is way cheaper than the day browsing. Essentially, for an additional $6 you get another 25GB of night browsing for the same period. night means 11PM to 6AM. I think 11PM is quite late in the night, but still, what can beat $6 for that amount of data?

Effectively, in total you can now get 50GB for just $35, and that’s the best fibre deal on the market right now. Best because it’s 70 cents per GB.

If you take away the night component, the deal becomes just as good as the other deals at $1.16 per GB (TelOne’s lowest priced fibre is $1.15 per GB).

Ofcourse the question becomes how ZOL’s new fibre packages compare to ADSL. This change in pricing has made the comparison difficult and leaves a lot to “it depends”. In terms of starting price, ADLS is starting at $25 for 30GB, and ZOL, $29. So it depends on how big a difference $4 makes in your monthly budget. Also depends on what you use the internet for, because there’s stuff you can do fine on ADSL but other things need fibre.

ADSL is not fibre. That’s why even TelOne itself sells more expensive fibre alongside.

Here are all the packages for home users:

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19 thoughts on “ZOL ‘reduces’ fibre prices. Introduces cheaper Night Owl browsing #FibroniksFast

  1. ADSL requires a landline and reliability is affected by weather and closeness to an exchange. These do not apply to fibre but being new, fibre isn’t easily available everywhere. So, depending on where you live, what you do on the net and how big the files you work with or download, its a matter of choice. THAT is great news!!

  2. It’s not only TechZim folks that mistypes. The middle ‘Night Owl Available” in the ZOL graphic is missing an ‘a’ in ‘Available’. 🙂

    This is easily the best news I’ve read in hours. Hopefully they revise the prices for their broadband services as well.

  3. I hope they have removed crazy capping on their data speeds. With the Lite, I could not stream an HD movie. Thanks ZOL for the good packages, it’s now time to live up to the expected QoE. Guys let’s test this one and compare who has better QoE: TelOne or ZOL.

  4. I really didnt see this coming! Thank you Zol though I was expecting an email from them as a customer!

  5. Yes this was a big surprise. I was approaching my usual top up time to finish the month and i jus got a lifeline.

  6. Up to 100Mbps, and you would think its a dedicated link. Anyone with an idea on the max number of people that can be connected on each of these shared links/packages offered by ZOL?

  7. Why were you only comparing TelOne’s ADSL? They too now have fibre, priced at $23 for 30GB.

  8. I’ve looked at the Fibroniks advert again to evaluate the lowest package (Fibroniks lite) vis a vis ADSL and lo, they don’t even specify the speed except to indicate upload and download speeds are equal. Why have they not specified the speed on this package? I suspect a desire to hoodwink the less discerning or observant members of our society (like selling tackies written Mike instead of Nike or Sonny instead of SONY). This kind of marketing/advertising I DON’T like – specs are deliberately omitted perhaps simply to try and match a competing product on PRICE and nothing else. It puts me off completely like Chinese products.

  9. This is still expensive they should copy the DSTV pricing model. $29 dollars is still expensive They should come up with something like 10GB for $15 dollars. Then more people would use the fibroniks.

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