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One thing that has become clear to us in recent months is that our updates and videos are consumed on WhatsApp much more than they are on other platforms.


This should not surprise anyone. WhatsApp is big in Zimbabwe, as it is in the rest of Africa. Based on the data we have seen, an estimated 5.2 million people use WhatsApp actively every month in Zimbabwe, and the number is increasing.

Starting today, we will be sending our content to WhatsApp directly (in addition to other social media platforms ofcourse).


We will send up to 5 updates a day (maximum), of the most interesting content we have, including videos (not more than 4MB to protect your precious bundle). Coming to the Techzim site will become a choice for those that want to experience all the content here, comment on it and read other peoples’ comments.

We will only be sending to readers that subscribe for these updates. To subscribe send “Yebo!” to the Techzim WhatsApp number +263 71 507 1199.

Think of this as your direct connection to Techzim. So far however, we will not be able to have conversation with anyone on that number so please don’t start one. As the WhatsApp platform improves and our tools to manage it also improve, we hope to make it more interactive with bots, and maybe even content that is curated according to your tastes.

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    1. Hi Morgen. It’s easy, just fill in a 21paged questionnaire telling us why you want to unsubscribe. Kidding! Just delete our number from your phone and automatically the content stops coming your way

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