How is Video Email Marketing Changing the Game for Businesses?

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Email marketing is one of the most useful methods of online marketing available today, with an exceptionally high Return On Investment (ROI) regardless of the business that you are in. Studies have shown that email marketing can bring in as much as $38 for every $1 that you spend on it, far outpacing other forms of online marketing.

In fact, email marketing is so effective that it can seem crazy to think that you can improve on these metrics, but video email marketing is able to do just that.

Here are just some of the ways that video is changing the email marketing business for good:

Video Email Marketing Makes Your Customers Want To Open Your Emails

Your customers are normal people, they get the same deluge of junk mail that they have to sort through in their inboxes every day. You need to do something to separate your video from other emails in their inbox, and making it clear that you have a video in your email is a great way to do this. There’s a reason that 50 percent of all email marketing campaigns see an improvement in click through rates with video, and that’s because customers want to watch something, they don’t want to read a wall of text.

In the next email that you send, include the word video in the subject line (make sure to also include a video in the email), and you can experience this change in click-through rates for yourself.

Video Can Personalise Your Business

Although not only applicable to video email marketing, video in general can personalise your business far better than the best copy-writing can. That’s because people are social creatures—we like to see the people that we are doing business with or buying products from. When you send out an email without a video embedded, what you are doing is limiting your marketing to customers to the 10 percent of the communication spectrum that is possible with text.

By using a video, you can communicate more effectively to your customers using body language, voice tone, and most importantly you can personalize your business to your customers. A video will allow them to see you not as a faceless business, but as a person (or group of people), and that will make them more likely to click the buy button.

If you’re considering adding video to your email communications, then you should first start out by filming a simple video of you talking about your product, or speaking your marketing message, instead of just writing it down in the body of the email.

Using Video Can Help You Up-sell Your Customers

Almost every product or service can benefit from being seen by prospective customers before they buy, but up-selling can really benefit from video marketing in email. You can take a common up-sell to your main offering and present it in a video to prospects (or new customers), giving them the opportunity to purchase it for a small added fee. By seeing the item that you are up-selling to them ahead of time (or by showing them how it will benefit them), then you will be able to more easily convey the value of that product and it can help improve your revenue per customer, an essential metric to growth. After all, you already go the sale from them, so why not try to improve the profitability of that already satisfied customer?

Agile CRM has advanced video email functionality that’s crazy simple to use, making video email campaigns easy to execute. If you’re already an Agile CRM user, give video a try. If you’re not an Agile CRM user—now might be the time to look into it. Video is rising in importance, and your CRM needs to support it.


  1. Anonymous

    & you guys you are giving away our email address to third parties. Zvese Advertising and Networking Platform is busy spamming us left right and centre.

  2. Sagitarr

    Your premise will work fine as long as 1) the video is not a file attachment but can be accessed via a hyperlink and 2) the email is not SPAM or unsolicited.

    Its terrible to expect someone to “work” by unsubscribing to something they never subscribed to in the first place. This is a very dirty trend in Zimbabwe currently. I’ve had a spat with an originator of SPAM, he thought he’d been clever to outsource the SPAMming but I wrote directly to him … he was angry but I exposed his stupidity.

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