Zimbabwean Crowdfunding Campaign Raises Over $8,000 To Sue The Police…

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A local crowdfunding campaign that started about two week ago (24 March 2017 to be exact) has raised over $8,000 to date in order to get legal action taken against the Zimbabwe Republic Police and their police roadblocks for the “restoration of our constitutional rights through a class action lawsuit in the Constitutional Court.”

What makes interesting reading here is the use of an online platform, CitizenJustice.org, to harness all payments and the resultant ‘success’ thus far to any local online campaign. There have been other campaigns, though targeted on a compassionate level and this would be the first ‘class action’ that a number of people want to get involved in.

The platform being used, leverages PayNow as well as all local mobile network money payment solutions (Ecocash, Telecash and OneWallet), removing any barriers that one may have in order to get in on the campaign.

The crowdfunding platform is targeted at legal cases, allowing litigants to place their case and possibly get people in on helping with the costs of the legal suit. The campaigns are few, as of now there are 4, but hopefully the costs of one pursuing a legal matter will not be a hindering factor going forward.


Cases such as suing mobile network operators, but of a class action nature where a number of people may be affected, are what I can think of. Calls dropped, airtime disappearing, overcharging or even slow network speeds are a few examples.

Disclaimer: Citizen Justice is a project started by Tafadzwa Mugabe and others who provides us legal counsel and representation in a number of matters. This post has not been sponsored in any way but we see value in the solution being offered.

Zimbabwe Republic Police

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is the country's law enforcing and maintaining organ. It was established in 1980 evolving from the Rhodesian Police and incorporated members from both the Rhodesian and the nationalist forces. It operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Read More About Zimbabwe Republic Police


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  1. More free option says:

    Happy you put the disclaimer. Some worthy cause…. But I think the lawyers just need to cover fuel and court fees…. The rest they can do pro Bono for themselves first then us…. Plus would like to see accounts if I pay

    1. very broke lawyer says:

      Lawyers cant afford to run an office given the time investment and resources needed. Everyone from the messanger to the lawyer himself will also need to eat.

  2. Macd Chip says:

    Fidza aita mari apa, imwe benzi yaakutonotenga!!

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