DigitalFuture 2017: What you missed (Pictures)

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This article is really not for people that attended, coz what’s the point telling you what you just experienced!

It’s really for those of you loyal readers who, for one reason or another, couldn’t make it to Digital Future 2017.

Here goes:

The morning before the first. The event was attended by 120 people in the digital space including digital marketers, artists, content creators, publishers and broadcasters.


Attendees at Digital Future 2017


A panel on harnessing disruption titled “How Traditional Industries Are Adapting to Digital”. Panel included Sonia Sengupta from M-NET, Chipo Mtasa the MD of TelOne and Nico Abote who is heading ZTN


Vincent Kahiya, MD of Alpha Media Holdings, speaks about how their media company has evolved to digital content consumption. Alpha Media publishes the highest trafficked news website in Zimbabwe,


Capitalk FM’s Chenge, contributes during a Digital Future 2017 session


TBWA Zimbabwe CEO, Sapi Bachi, speaks during during Digital Future.


Maud Chifamba speaks on how social activists are using digital media to be more effective.


Attendees of the conference livestreaming the event to their followers on social media at Digital Future.


Ammara Brown speaks about how Digital presence helps push her music business offline.


Farai Sam Monro, co-founder of Magamba Network and Moto Republik speaks about digital activism in Zimbabwe.


TBWA and Techzim social media and tech desk at Digital Future 2017



  1. jamest

    that photographer needs to learn something about the timing of peoples expressions

  2. Macd Chip

    Thanks guys, this is a good start to get people talking about how IT affects us all

  3. kuda

    @263chat havachadi kutamba nevamwe… he used to come and tweet these great events. Thanks guys for making this event a success

  4. Tatenda

    Thanks LSK, surely i missed. The publicity beforehand was good. Keep it up.

  5. Ed

    Great forum that I missed. Would have loved to attend

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