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Here are the Harare kombi routes with Econet WiFi kombis

Yesterday, Econet introduced WiFi in Kombis. Basically, Econet subscribers can buy WiFi bundles and can use these in kombis. The kombis are fitted with WiFi routers.

So far the Kombis with WiFi are only in Harare. 50 of them in total. Econet has said that this is a pilot and they are collecting feedback to factor into a nationwide rollout. They expect to have 250 kombis with Econet WiFi within the next 4 months.

Eventually, the plan is to have an Econet WiFi Zone on every kombi in Zimbabwe. It’s not clear how long it’ll take the company to pull this off.

If you’re in Harare and are wondering if to buy the kombi WiFi bundles or not, here’s a list of the routes that have WiFi fitted kombis.

RoutesNumber of Kombis
Norton/ Murombedzi1
Kadoma/ Kwekwe1
Mt Darwin1
Norton/ Chegutu4
Sally Mugabe Heights1
Glen Lorne1
Seke 1 & 21
Machipisa/ Kuwadzana1

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15 thoughts on “Here are the Harare kombi routes with Econet WiFi kombis

  1. 50 – do they really WANT to do this or are they just trying to appease some big dhara who came up wit the idea – coz 50 is not a start. Come on – IN HARARE? 50??? You start with at least 300 – that’s a launch! Not 50!!! If a guy opens a small cellphone shop with 50 fones you will laugh at him and say he’s still just a vendor. Come on Econet – let’s not MAJOR IN THE MINOR! How many staff did you even assign to this project? Coz a SINGLE SALES REP can sign up 50 in about a week! IF you are gonna launch something, do it like you mean it. Not half-hearted like those NFC stickers some months ago.

  2. I love your About section teczim you. Are really showing a maturity in journalism , trying to break down every detail possible we do need that a lot. And for trying to keep upto date you really do try guys ……keep it up

  3. For a network with 8 million subscribers find that number laughable – literally.

    1. Thats the point of press conference Richard…..INFORMATION dissemination……& you now know about this development because of press…unless your definition of press is different.

      1. Disseminating information about 50 Harare kombis with Wifi from a network that has 8 million subscribers. That’s laughable indeed. It doesn’t qualify to be a launch and it surely doesnt deserve a press conference.

        1. Buddy this is just a trial read the article again mhani. Of course they are going to see how it works. If it works then they are going to roll out more of these router and fit them in most Kombis

  4. Econet Wireless

    Inspired to Rob you Pockets……

    saka how far maCharge? ndipo panongondinakidzira Econet chete

  5. Driving dzemakombi acho unoenda sei painternet ,APA mapurisa achidzingirira futi kombi iyoyo ine wifi

  6. I think 50 is a pretty decent number of kombis. Let’s do the math:

    At full capacity, a kombi carries about 20 people at once. Assuming that’s 20 per trip (not unreasonable since some drop-off and some are picked up along the way) that’s 50×20 = 1000 people per 1 trip for all kombis combined. Say each kombi does an average of 10 trips a day that’s 10,000 people every day exposed to the Kombi wifi or 300,000 a month. That’s not bad at all for a start.

  7. Whats the point of having WiFi in a kombi, i don’t get it. Enlighten me please.

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