Kwese signs content deal with Namibian Broadcasting Corporation

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Econet Media owned Kwese announced this week a new deal with Namibian Broadcasting Corporation to have Kwese Free Sports content on the national broadcasters channels.

According to a report on The Namibian, Namibia makes 24 the countries with Kwese Sports now.

Kwese has done a number of these sub-licensing deals with incumbent broadcasters in African countries. This enables these broadcasters to screen popular content like EPL matches, FIFA World Cup matches that Kwese has secured.

Kwese had a similar deal with Zimbabwe’s national broadcaster ZBC, but the deal collapsed before any content had been screen with the government arguing that since Kwese was also a broadcaster itself, ZBC becoming a sub-licensee of was essentially promotion of a competitor.




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  1. Macd Chip says:

    And zbc is still being affected by sanctions imposed to us by evil Western countries. We can make it on our own with the help of our all weather friends China.

    Masiwa and his Kwese are longer one of ours, he now lives and shuttle between his two homes in New York and London, which makes him sip with the enermy, and we cannot allows his evil empire on our screens.

    By the way, do not ask about our kids who studies and live in the Western world, they are kids and needs a better future we cannot guarantee in this country.

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