NetOne launches One-Cliq, a closed user group voice product

Brian Mutandiro, NetONe acting CEO, at launch of One-Cliq and One-Fi

NetOne today launched a Call User Group product called One-Cliq. Essentially this allows NetOne subscribers to call a group of numbers at discounted rates.

To use the service, subscribers will need a minimum of 5 NetOne numbers to form a group. The people in the group then activate the service by dialing *371# and they are able to call each other at discounted rates.


For the service NetOne is targeting families, schools, work groups, or any group of people that call each other often enough to see value in discounted rates for the group.

Here are the rates for the product:


Speaking at the launch of One-Cliq (and One-Fi) NetOne acting CEO, Brian Mutandiro said products they have launched in the past several months have done really well especially in attracting new subscribers to the network. “Embarrassingly,  we even ran out of Sim cards in January” he said.

The CEO also said that they will be launching several products in the coming months disclosing that POTRAZ has so far approved 20 new products that the company will launch in 2017.

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5 thoughts on “NetOne launches One-Cliq, a closed user group voice product

  1. Econet already had that product and worse wo still uses voice calls these days. , haasisiri madays e land line ka aya kkkkkkk

  2. Ndokuperererwa chaiko uku!

    NetOne needs young leadership who understand technology trends. Mutandiro is proving to be another Kangai who is there to milk the system whilst keeping The Party happy.

    Just because certain hardware comes with certain features doesnt mean its something you shout and arrange a launch meeting about it.

    Closed caller groups have been a feature since the beggining of voice calls, and it was successfully ported into voip, so its not really a product a grown up man like Mutandiro can hold a mic and proudly announce

  3. Well I use voice at my business alot…. In Zim to place my orders i waste allot of airtime alone… Just think to phone in a pizza how many minutes do you use…I got no choice really all my suppliers got cell and landlines so I got to phone….. Between me and my staff Netone has really saved me on intranet calls… My landline bill has dropped below 600%.i appreciate the initiative. Plus I’m tired of econet overcharging me

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