Startups: Understand the language mobile operators speak (infographic)

We found this here quite interesting, especially since the government in Zimbabwe has called for applications to an ICT Innovation Drive fund. It’s a great infographic to help startups speak the language that mobile operators use and therefore what they care about.

You can only partner mobile operators if you understand them and they understand you. Working directly with mobile operators can be good for startups especially in the areas of distribution, marketing strength, and establishing your brand.

It’s been released by the GSMA as part of the Opening Doors: A Start-Up’s Guide to Working With Mobile Operators in Emerging Markets (pdf download).


You can click the infographic for a larger version.

Mobile Operators 101


If you already work with mobile operators and have noticed something missing here that’s been very important in your interactions with them, please add a comment below so others also learn.

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2 thoughts on “Startups: Understand the language mobile operators speak (infographic)

  1. I think you left out disappearing airtime, mostly useful when you are working with econet

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