Steward Bank dismisses malicious WhatsApp panic message

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Steward Bank has dismissed a panic message spreading on WhatsApp which is advising customers to close their bank accounts, as malicious.

The panic message which spread virally yesterday “alerted” customers of the bank that they risked having their bank accounts frozen due to problems at the bank.

Said the message:

Alert If you have a an account with Steward Bank pliz transfer your money to another bank with the next 24hrs, Steward bank is about to freeze your accounts and you won’t be able to access your money for next 6 months the process has already started others are already failing to access their funds…..
Please forward this to your relatives or friends before they cry


Steward Bank has assured its customers via social media that the message is just malicious:

Please be advised that contrary to a malicious message circulating on social media, Steward Bank has no plans to restrict, freeze or limit customer transactions in any form and for any period as suggested. Whilst we have experienced some intermittency with our RIGS platform due to an increase in the volume of transactions being processed, all our platforms are fully functional with our customers transacting as normal. Customers are advised to ignore this fake announcement and when in doubt contact the Bank through our contact centre.

The bank is not the first institution to have to dismiss information spreading on social media, especially the via WhatsApp. Just last week, the RBZ had to clarify that it wasn’t issuing out new Bond Notes after a fake news article, supposedly written by the Herald, spread virally on WhatsApp.

It appears, the fake messages alerting Zimbabweans to developments in the financial services sector are easily believed. The reason could be that several banks in Zimbabwe closed without notice in the past, resulting in account holders losing their savings. There’s little trust by customers in the players and the regulator of the sector.

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Steward Bank, is a commercial bank registered and trading in Zimbabwe. Founded as TN Bank in 2001, it later re-branded in 2013, after majority shareholding was bought by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, becoming the banking partner/platform that EcoCash runs on. Read More About Steward Bank

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  1. The Duke of Seke says:

    Why keep on recruiting in the streets when you can not serve the clients you have already

    1. Mastermind says:


  2. Noel says:

    Suddenly they spring into action and explain it as malicious for the past two weeks have been struggling to get answers regarding my transaction what were they waiting for. I think they take their customers for granted.

  3. Muchie says:

    Steward is way too complacent. For a while now; their service has been nothing but pathetic. The blame largely lies on their system; funds go missing without plausible explanations & it takes forever to resolve the issues with them. Their system in many cases takes eons to process simple transactions. As I’m typing; their online platform is down (Bad gateway) The irony; Steward keeps on soliciting for new accounts on the streets; adding more load to the already buggy system. I also am led to believe Steward, as a cost-cutting measure, hires inexperienced personnel to administer critical systems, or maybe underpays experienced personnel (possible sabotage). It’s a pity, and I wouldn’t blame angry clients resorting to cooking up those “Panic WhatsApp messages” – Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    1. trey says:

      you are right its too complacent,,,,,and is offering poor services to its customers

  4. Sagitarr says:

    The worst insult is to refer angry clients to a “Call Centre” where the chances are very high of being tossed from pillar to post. In my experience of dealing with the whole EW giant – Customer services is their worst performer. It doesn’t matter which product it is. Some of the youngsters they employ think they are doing the clients a favour. Working for a big company has made some of them big-headed.

  5. Asifuni Bumbulu says:

    Steward Bank has a tendency of taking its clients for granted. Its close to a week now without our money.

  6. Fusion says:

    Where is the reserve Bank in all this…. Other Banks are not even opening accounts…. Some are busy closing non active accounts…. Let’s not forget that these Banks have made literally millions off us in the last year…. Honestly speaking I would take a 5% cut in my salary of I could just get it in cash and do away with these Banks

  7. Don Juan says:

    There’s more truth in fake news than in Steward’s press releases.

  8. Steward banker says:

    ever since the Mambondiani became CEO nothing good has come from Steward bank in terms of service delivery

  9. Mutare branch, Steward Bank Client says:

    Can we have more banking halls in Mutare. So we can access or money with dignity. At least have benches and toilet facilities. We literary sleep on the pavement just to access $50 toil on pavements all day

  10. misheck says:

    Steward bank kalife kepuple what nonsense your service is the worst should have never opened an account

  11. Pilani says:

    I have been waiting for almost one and a half weeks for a transfer to clear in my account. The amount has since been debited from the sender’s account. What could be the problem? Why are transfers taking longer?

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