BitMari hosts a career fair (27 June)

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BitMari, a Pan African Blockchain platform, will host a career fair at Rainbow Towers Hotel, Harare, Tuesday 27 June 2017 at 1730Hrs.

Positions available & requirements are as follows:

1. App Developer

  • Cordova/ionic
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Javascript (angular js)
  • Blockchain/Bitcoin Interest
  • Able to use CLI and GIT version control
  • API dev and usage

2. Developer

  • PHP (code ignitor)
  • Python (django)
  • Database Management

3. Accountant

  • Accounting degree or relevant Accounting Qualifications
  • Proficient in Quickbooks software

4. Remittance Operator

  • Must be familiar with Remittance P.O.S. software
  • Must have at least 1 years experience as a remittance operator


Applicants will be evaluated for technical competency as well a cultural competency must be fluent in Shona and/or Ndebele. Please fill in the form to confirm your attendance.



Shona is a collective name of the largest ethnic group in Zimbabwe which consists of the Manyika, Zezuru, KoreKore, Karanga and the Ndau among other ethnic groups and represents over 70% of the Zimbabwean population. The Shona people are mainly concentrated in Mashonaland, collective term... Read More About Shona

Ndebele is a language spoken by the Ndebele/Matebele people who occupy the Matabeleland province in south western Zimbabwe. It is the second popular language after Shona. Read More About Ndebele

Harare formerly Salisbury is the capital of Zimbabwe. It is the seat of Government, the industrial hub and commercial centre for Zimbabwe. The city was founded by the Cecil John Rhodes-led Pioneer Column in 1890 and named Salisbury. The name was only changed to Harare... Read More About Harare


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bitmari-PF! What are you actually saying?

    1. Bukhosi Mhlanga says:

      BitMari is hiring!! Thats what that means. Apply if you qualify

  2. Anonymous says:

    kikiki, ok ya video is like its party propaganda.

  3. Bizarre says:

    Great to see local startups hiring but they should find a new Marketing Strategist! What’s with the bizarre, propaganda-style video presentation? Is it a Fintech startup or a ZANU Youth League recruitment campaign? Also, what does skin colour have to do with it? (“Black people” / “Black communities”) It’s 2017 for goodness sake! (Can’t we say “Africans” / “African communities!!”) As I said, respect to any startup hiring right now but these guys must rework their messaging!

    1. Anonymous says:

      (1) Offensive explainer video has now been removed from this blog post, but still available to view on BitMari’s official Youtube channel:
      According to BitMari, the video provides “context to the revolutionary nature of BitMari’s work.”

      (2) The following text has also been removed from the blog post: “Black people in the continent of Africa and the Black communities throughout the African diaspora.”

      Glad to see that someone responded to the feedback!

  4. Charles Muzonzini says:

    Ava nenyaya dzepolitics. Hayas.

  5. Get a life says:

    Hahaha your video is aweful… So your plan is to use western technology to send western money from overseas into Africa… Yup real Renaissance there…. Stop lying to everyone, you a money transfer service, what does this have to do with colonialism… Pathetic

  6. kekeke says:

    Why did you change the independence video? Are you hiding it now Bitmari?

  7. Sagitarr says:

    Just a word of caution on the bitcoin phenomenon which is rearing its head in Zimbabwe. Read this..

  8. Stephen Mudere says:

    Ndine maskills ese ayo pakati 1 App Developer na 2 Developer kunze kwepakati iOS nepakati Python apo. Ndiri confident hakuna kumwe kwamunowana mugen’a akaita seni. If this is about propelling zim forward technology wise contact me via linkedin . Never mind the profile . It’s now ages since I last updated it.

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