The flash drive or memory card just stopped working? You can recover all you lost with Disk Drill

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So a couple years back I went on a trip with nothing but a smartphone and a charger. I love taking photos which I did a lot up until my only form of digital storage inconveniently got corrupted.

Gone are my epic photos, my premium collection of music, all my data vanished into cyber space. And not only that, the memory card stopped working totally, none of the formatting methods worked. Tried every trick, app and tool I could find on the internet and it actually made it worse. It went from not being able to be read by my computer to not being detected at all. Imagine that.

Now I bump into this app called Disk Drill and tried it on my supposedly dead memory card. Well what do you know. A deep scan for a little above 2 minutes and all the stuff I thought I lost is there. There are a number of data recovery apps out there yes but I haven’t come across one that actually recovers data from a dead storage device.

Oh and did I mention how simple it is to use? All you have to do is:


  1. Open the Disk Drill app.
  2. Go to the storage device you want to recover and select a recovery option.
  3. Click on it and you are in the mix.

It supports a number of the popular file systems including NTFS, FAT32, EXT, HFS+ which should cover your usual hard drives, flash drives, SD and MicroSD cards.

Scanning is pretty brisk even when running the beefy deep scan and so far recovery success rate had been a perfect 100%.

Corrupt drives, permanently deleted files and dead memory cards are no longer a fuss to worry about. Interested? Get yourself a free trial or go pro and get a 25% discount here.


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    Media files especially videos are often corruption after an deep scan recovery

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