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Elevate – a chance to make the youths’ dreams come true?


Econet on Saturday 10 June launched a youth program called Elevate. The aim of the program is to help the youth (aged 16 – 34) make their dreams come true by providing funding, mentorship and access to the corporate world.

The things that the program is providing are some of the things that if lacking will get people’s dreams to be just another item in storage collecting dust. A lot of us have big dreams but sometimes we just don’t have the money to make them happen or the guidance of how to go about it all. Elevate seeks to solve those problems for the youth.

I registered for the program by following these simple steps:

  • Dial *771#
  • Enter 1 to Register
  • Then redial *771#
  • Enter 2 to Confirm Registration
  • Enter the code that was sent to you when you registered

After confirming registration, a PIN will be sent to you via SMS. I haven’t seen the use of the PIN as when you dial *771# after being registered, it opens the menu directly without needing to login so I wonder what it’ll be used for.

Once you’re registered, you’ll be eligible to win any of the prizes that they will be giving out in the competition. To increase your chances, you can open the Elevate menu by dialing *771# and select option 1 to elevate a friend by entering their number. The friend will then get an SMS telling them that they’ve been invited to the Youth Club.

One thing you’ll probably have to do is tell your friend what they need to do otherwise the SMS won’t make sense to them as it doesn’t have instructions. Your friend will then have to dial *771# and enter 2 to confirm registration as they already got a code in the SMS when you invited them. After they enter the code and finish registration, they too will be in the promotion.

I think Elevate is trying to solve some real problems for the youth so I am eager to see where it will all go and how big it’ll become. I also don’t know if it’s fair because it might just be biased to the people who can invite more people. So you might have a really great idea but not able to get more points because you’ve got very few people to invite so your chances of winning will be really low. They haven’t made it clear whether the mentorship and networking opportunity will only be won through the promotion or there’s something more.  This leaves me wondering, is it just another grand challenge or a real opportunity for great dreams to come true.


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16 thoughts on “Elevate – a chance to make the youths’ dreams come true?

  1. There’s no clear information on how this programme works. Is it a programme or a competition? Sounds more like a competition. Is it free? Or, will one incur a charge after registering. Why are invitation codes required? I might be being too much of a skeptic, but Invitations and ponzis are bed fellows. Lastly, what is Econet getting out of it? If there’s one thing Econet has been consistent about, is there’s nothing that they give you for FREE.

    1. Here’s what I know: You don’t get charged to register. Invitation codes are used so that the person who invites others earns more points so that they increase their chances to win the prizes but any person can register without an invitation code.

    2. you mean if i didnt tel the one i invited to login t mean i did nothing or and how many points to be in Club

      coz we alwys do these but eish mmmm , , , , Chakachaya

  2. It seems to be a very good programme. It will enable the youth to showcase their potential. As of yet, I don’t know much about the programme. I cannot be pessimistic. Let’s hope its legit.

  3. Econet will never give for mahala,this elevate youth empowerment club is targeting youths particulary from the age of 16 but i wonder the use of the pin numbers

  4. This is probably a cheap advertising scheme by Econet to try to build-up some hype. I really doubt it will be benefial to anyone, if it was serious they would have released at least more information.

  5. Greetings to you, i have been invited to Elevate Youth Club with a friend of mine and i ave been doing my research on this Club but it is not giving people full details on how it works . How is this going to promote youths? again is it a national thing or an international because for my own info Econet brunches are spreading all over the world

  6. Looking forward to everything that will be brought forward with this
    Program!we are the youth hence bound to be inspired by such
    Youth programs

  7. just do a entrepreneural operative in every town if you guys are genuine …like seminars with all the lot you are making that will go a long way

    1. you mean if i didnt tel the one i invited to login t mean i did nothing or and how many points to be in Club

      coz we alwys do these but eish mmmm , , , , Chakachaya

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