FBC finally integrates with EcoCash

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FBC Bank has integrated the mobile payments solution EcoCash with it’s banking services. The bank has joined others like Steward Bank, ZB Bank. CBZ, Stanbic, NMB, Agribank and Banc ABC which are already integrated with EcoCash.

For the longest time, the bank has been promoting its Mobile Moola mobile payments application. The application allowed people to pay for bills, subscriptions or even buy airtime. The problem was it wasn’t integrated with EcoCash which meant that it could only be used in very few places.

With this new development, FBC Bank has made it more convenient for its customers to transact and make payments. Just like any other EcoCash/Bank integrations, user can now move money between the two when they need to. This gives people the options to choose were they need to have their money in case of situations when they are travelling and there’s no bank in sight. These days, many people have EcoCash so you’re assured to have someone who accepts it when you need to buy something.



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  1. free says:

    i guess you have missed CABS…???

    they have integrated with ecocash

      1. Free says:

        Yes.. but on this article you didn’t mention it..

        That’s what i meant

  2. e says:

    finally econet is talking sense one of the issues of few banks was the charges ecocash charged them. but now with zipit becoming popular by moving more funds @less cost and ecocash showing it needs liquidity to be arrogant. well thy now neg on a better level

  3. Faniso says:

    The other thing is that you have to go into the bank to register – filling out a form with information that the whole time you’re thinking “All this info should be in the bank’s system…why do I have to fill this out again?”. Then after that, you wait a couple of days until you can actually register on your phone/app. But at least there’s progress! – silver lining.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I registered yesterday, but up to now i am not yet registered. what is the problem

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