Hacker of HIT website responds to demands not being met

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8 days ago, the Harare Institute of Technology website was hacked and the hacker had some demands which we posted in that article. Since then, public relations officer from the university has responded and they released a statement in the newspapers and online on 22 June. 

This person might just be trying to get attention now and stretch their 15 minutes of fame but it’s also interesting to see that the website is online if you add the “www” before hit.ac.zw however not all features are fully working according to reports. Whatever they lost could be damaging to the university, however, if they have managed to secure their website and followed the right security protocols to recover from hacking then it won’t really matter what is released as the login/security information which is critical would have been changed.

Here is the response from the hacker.

Harare Institute of Technology has not been able to pay a redemption fee of USD 999.


The media has been numbered to $ 6.3billion. Anyway

Where can I find this amount in Zimbabwe?


At just 1:00 am (Zimbabwean time) on Friday, June 30, we will publish a database of university records.

The database will be available on four compromised servers and accessible via FTP. Keep files 24 hours before the server hosting files are deleted files.

Tribalism, abusive university property, nepotism, using university emails with teachers to connect porn websites, banking APIs use billing, financial history and emails and passwords They will be released.

This is not a threat, nor is he looking for attention – that is a statement. Nothing will stop us!

¿How to download ???


1) We post links to the FTP server using Twitter account and Facebbok for three universities.

2) Shared by Pastebin

3) The links must also be sent by e-mail to the recipients by e-mail from another e-mail address.

Again, this is not murder, rape or extortion.

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  1. kilotango says:

    techzim…. dude, why dont you try adding “www” to that domain name….i.e http://www.hit.ac.zw? that has been working, since about a day after the first attack.

    at least do your research properly before posting nonsense

    1. Garikai Dzoma says:

      I have tested and it seems you are right. This is a common issue with a lot of Zim sites. Would it kill someone to set up a 301 redirect

    2. Analyst says:

      Student portal and student E-Learning among other services are still not available.

    3. Updated the article. Thanks for the information.

    4. Chantelle says:

      Aaaah Rufaro don’t thank him. Kilotango this ain’t iharare.co.zw, least you could do is be polite about your mediocre www prefix discovery.

    5. Anonymous says:

      It is not working. Stop defending them.

  2. Immortan Joe says:

    Guys do you even read this stuff before you publish it? Seriously you should try that sometimes. Please review your articles. The grammatical atrocities in here are shocking.

    1. token says:

      dude this is not an english blog ndopanotangira chidofo ku correcter pasipo

      1. tinm@n says:

        Ofcourse you would say that.

        That’s how low your standards are.

        If you use Shona, at least respect the language and use it well. Same applies to English… especially if you are a publisher… especially if you are a source of information that will live on beyond the currency of the information.

        Given that the greater part of the professions represented by TechZim instill a sense of correctness, precision, right syntax and right grammar (programmers, engineers, scientist)… it is a natural demand to have correct grammar.

        As for you, Token, perhaps you reasoning probably tends to time out…

        After all, your name is…

        1. VC says:

          hahaha wow

      2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro says:

        Criticism is more effective than praise. Chidofo is to let a person to make the same mistake over and over again, yet you know better. The writer may or may not like it, but it will help him to grow.

  3. Anon says:

    Techzim needs to find a technical writer – this kid is in over his head.

    The writing is just terrible lately, where is limbikano or nigel. those guys could write.

    i enjoy kwabeza’s articles only lately

    1. token says:

      no one was forced to read as long as mabata nyanya ndochikuru

      1. Sagitarr says:

        What’s your problem? Some bloggers want the standard of articles to be improved and you have beef with THAT? Have you stopped learning, could be why.

    2. Chantelle says:

      What technical details did the writer fail to put across? That you would be interested in?

  4. pam says:

    So the whole “it was an inside job” statement was a lie then? Pathetic.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Lots of those who take HIT seriously no nothing about it. I spent a good number of years in there. These guys aren’t about that life.

  5. Ndini Ndadaro says:

    Even if he publishes,, its useless,, as Zimbos, (yes u and me) tiri madofo hapana zvatinomboita ne that info. we are too stupid to be concerned, zvinongopisa pa whatsapp 10hrs zvotopera 2mr takutomuka as a normal day and life wil go on,,, Mugabe turned us into useless assholes. He used Divide and Conquer approach. We are sooo divided that why its easy fo him to be successful

    1. Wraythe says:

      Don’t under estimate the value of data

    2. Chantelle says:

      Speak for yourself. Substitute your “we” for “I”. E.g. “I am to stupid to be concerned”

  6. Hwenje says:

    Silly hacker

  7. Sagitarr says:

    The links to porn websites will have heavy repercussions on the perpetrators and whoever is the Network or System Administrator. If you are a lewd, scr*ed up hunkster, or punkster or morally decadent predator or pornsite troller at least use a private connection not a work lap or desktop. Just saying…

  8. BaLameck says:

    Chaka hakwa i website hanti.
    Does the university emails and student portal reside on the same web server??
    ko mabrowsing logs anozobva kupi apa ????

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