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The struggle is real out there, or at least it’s been real for me in the world of file conversions. So I would get my YouTube videos in a format that would be cool to play on my laptop but just play the audio only or the video only or refuse totally on my phone.

It was a nightmare especially considering I had got those videos on borrowed internet which is hard to come by. Then comes the heaps and heaps of converters out there that would make the file playable after conversion but deteriorate the quality really badly.

And with music is the same issue and me being that quality obsessed nerd that I am (their words, not mine) it just won’t cut it.

However the biggest pain to rule them all was getting to find one app that rules them all. Turn my videos to music, videos to a format that plays on all my devices. One application that just doesn’t do it all but does it well.


I introduce to you AceThinker Video master. The definition of a one stop shop for converting virtually anything to anything. Let me show you what I’m on about.

  • You can convert videos to audio
  • Enhance audio quality
  • Reduce audio and video sizes
  • Convert video for a particular phone
  • Cut a section of a video or go further and convert that selected portion

The amazing thing is all this luscious conversion is that one of the 4 things it can do! It has an option of pasting links from a video you like then choose the download quality of your choice from standard to Ultra HD to even 3D quality.

The goodies keep rolling in, It comes with screen recording capabilities that allow you:

  • Record the whole screen
  • Record a custom section of the screen
  • Record the area around your mouse
  • Record from a webcam

Above all this you can still just record audio on its own from either your desktop or your external mic or both. If you thought that’s all then allow me to overwhelm you with more. You can turn your images into a slideshow too and have a choice of 29 transition styles.

It’s the swiss army knife of converters. I’m tempted to even say the Acethinker Video Master is a total media suite. I’m sure it’s going to replace quite a number of apps on your PC if you share or rather if you once shared my dilemma.

I honestly doubt if there is a single app that comes with such a vast inventory: a full featured converter, a video download manager, a full featured screen recorder and a slideshow creator. You want to try it out yourself you can get yours here complete with a $10 discount.



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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro says:

    Or, just use Handbrake for free. Has options for array of devices too.

  2. Sagitarr says:

    It’s a pity that most video & audio files available on the web tend to be pirated which means the quality is generally poor. So no matter how great your convertor or codec is, the poor input means that the output cannot be improved much. What passes for HD on a smartphone (180 pixels) becomes blurred on an HD TV (32″ or 720p upwards) showing grainy, shadowy,dithery videos that disturb the eyes instead of entertaining. I prefer specific applications for the choice at hand – DivX convertor to get high quality AVI format, to download the video/audio from Youtube videos and Audacity (full audio editing suite) to manage the MP3 files. Audacity allows input source from Cassette or Phono or MP3 native and multiple output formats. You can remove/reduce hiss, increase treble, bass or even introduce echo, reverb etc.

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