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Google Chrome to have a built-in ad blocker and how this might affect us

I find pop-up ads highly annoying and not so useful because I tend to close the ad even before I get to read it. In fact, it has become a reflex action but an unhealthy one I must say. I mean who knows what helpful information I’ve missed from the ‘proper ads’ all thanks to these invasive ones.

Well, that’s not just a problem I or a minority have hence Google’s decision to introduce an inbuilt ad blocker for its browser Google Chrome. The ad blocker which is more of an ad filter because it will not be blocking all ads but just some is scheduled to be available next year. I’m sure you’re wondering what kinda ads will survive being blocked. Well, it’s basically the ads that comply with the ‘better ads standards’ which you can check out on this link

Whilist this might sound like good news to Chrome users (since you don’t have to install another ad block software or app), it might turn out not to be, particularly for ‘striminals’. ‘Striminals’ is an unofficial term used to describe people who stream from unofficial sources (torrent sites and other pirate platforms) and I think that makes the bulk of us.

Most of these annoying or ‘substandard’ ads appear on torrent/pirated sites because they are a key source of revenue for them. The fact that already people are using ad blocks is bad enough for torrent business, how much more when Chrome goes ahead to build an inbuilt one?

Another thing to note is that Chrome is the leading browser on many of these pirate sites and therefore, this initiative will pinch the torrent sites as well as other pirate platforms harder than it would have had the initiative been for any other browser.

So in essence, this step will cut on most of these pirated sites’ revenues and we know that for any business, low or no revenues basically means its death. And if torrent sites die … (feel free to complete)

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6 thoughts on “Google Chrome to have a built-in ad blocker and how this might affect us

  1. ads are just annoying; worst thing is that most of them are just ‘click bait’

  2. You should see how uncluttered your site is with an ad blocker. i already use Opera so I’m good chrome can introduce an ad blocker if they want. wait does’nt google make money selling ads?

    1. hahaha, we know how much better the reading experience can be on Techzim without the banners. We’ve been working to transition the business model and we’re getting there. we don’t begrudge you for blocking banners ads on TZ 😉

      That aside, yes, Google is an ad company and so far they had let other companies do the ad blocking business. With the increase popularity of ad blockers they had to get in and protect their turf by doing it on their terms. This is why not all ads will be blocked, just apparently the “annoying ones”

      1. Funny you should say that, on the annoying ads will be blocked. I had to find Opera coz even on YouTube ads were just now too much, it had as you say become annoying. I guess if the internet was free then you could let me watch your ads however whenever esp since it’s usually the same ads over and over(YouTube that is), plus it’s only click bait if they suggested the sites for me as opposed to just watching what I’d already googled then flashing me with what I’d already looked for, kinda silly.

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