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So you love music? Here are 3 apps you can use to stream some beats in Zimbabwe


Most of us are constantly listening to music whether while out for a run or just chilling at home. Music has become the lifeblood of some of our lives. I mean can you imagine life without tunes from your favorite artist? I know I can’t and probably some of you can’t either. As much as music is great, it requires storage and sometimes you don’t always have enough to store albums and albums from all the artists you like.

So what do you do? Chances are you’re pretty much left with just choosing some tracks to store. The problem is that you can quickly get bored of some of those tracks and discover new music means you have to dedicate time to search. Other than that, music piracy isn’t a good thing for artists because they get nothing.


When it comes to music streaming, you can’t forget to mention Spotify. It has the largest user base of about 60 million and has grown in popularity over the years to become a favorite for many. The app has a solid design which offers an easy navigation for the discovery of new music.

Apart from a great design, Spotify has built an ecosystem around the app where users can create a playlist, share them and even get featured among the top popular ones. The problem with the app is that it is not officially available in Zimbabwe. So it’s a bit of a pain to get it set up because you’d need to create a VPN (virtual private network) and do all sorts of stuff so that you can fake to be in a supported country and get the app and an account.

Apple Music

Just like Spotify, Apple music has a bit of a setup journey if you’re not already using an iPhone. You’d need to create an iCloud account which also requires a payment method upfront in order to actually use the app. Other than that, it is not so bad as the app is available in Zimbabwe from the play store or app store. Apple Music has an equally large selection of music from different artists.

The app doesn’t seem to have an option to change the quality of the audio you’d like to listen to. So you just might end up running out of data bundles while enjoying the tunes. It also has a good user interface design that won’t leave you puzzled on how to search for music.


Deezer is almost like Spotify and Apple Music. However where it differs from the rest is that it’s extremely easy to create an account for the app. In no time you’ll be up and running. Just like Spotify, it allows you to change between different quality levels of music you’d like to listen to and optimize for data savings.

A challenge that I faced with Deezer when I first started using it was the fact that I had difficulty locating the search bar. This was probably because it was the last of the 3 apps that I used and from the previous ones, it was easy to locate that crucial search icon.

Deezer also features something that it calls Flow. The feature will constantly learn what kind of music you like just from you listening to different tracks and it will create a personalized playlist for you.

So which one do you actually choose?

If you’re planning to be using the free version of either of the apps then any will do really as they all provide a good streaming experience and they are all available on Android and iOS. What will mostly get you to prefer one over another is the design, popularity and the ecosystem.

So for example, Spotify and Deezer both have a desktop player whilst Apple Music doesn’t have one. Some might say there’s iTunes for desktop but it offers way more to just be classified under music streaming.

If you’re going to opt for the paid version of any of the apps in order to be able to download music for offline listening. Then the cheapest will be Deezer at $4.99/month followed by Apple Music at $5.99/month and Spotify at $9.99/month. All of them also offer free trials so you could test run before deciding in case one might prove to be worth its asking price.

Would be interesting to know if any of you use streaming services whether it is for music or even TV series. If you do why? If you don’t have you considered it or the cost of data has just kept it out of your mind. If data wasn’t an issue would you be streaming? Let us know in the comments section.


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