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EcoCash tariffs reduced effective 1 August 2017

EcoCash Tariffs have been reduced. The changes will be effective from today 1 August 2017. Here are the details of the new tariffs in the image below.


Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

5 thoughts on “EcoCash tariffs reduced effective 1 August 2017

  1. To Econet:Thank you for the tariff reduction,it was long overdue though. Hope u have also reduced transfer charges between bank and wallet as well as ‘pay merchant’ charges.

  2. I saw a similar post on EcoCash Facebook page. I rushed to this site expecting to see a comparison of old charges and new ones or the percentage decrease but alas you where also rushing to ‘break’ the news and you just literally copy pasted from EcoCash Facebook page.

    1. Yeah, i would also like to see a comparison of the old fees vs the new fees so as to appreciate the reductions in tariffs.

  3. I can’t read what’s on the image. I use a screen reader which doesn’t see images. Please provide that information in text? Thank you

  4. They just neglected to mention they cut their card usage limits for international payments to a level which can only be described as a joke. Travellers arrangements now shot to hell with no warning.
    Point of Sale Swipe- $200 per month
    ATM Cash Withdrawal – $50 per month
    VirtualCard – $50 per month

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