Kwese had already registered 24,145 customers and had 7,259 applicants

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Dr Dish who struck a deal with Econet Media to distribute Kwese TV content made an urgent chamber application demanding the High Court to reverse BAZ’s decision to cancel its licence. It is in the chamber application where those figures came to light.

If you remember, Kwese was only officially available for a few hours in Zimbabwe. Econet announced that Kwese decoders and dishes were being sold at Econet shops on the 23rd of August. By the end of that day all sales had been halted thanks to BAZ CEO Mr Muganyura’s letter cancelling Dr Dish’s licence. So that means in one 8-hour work day over 31 000 Zimbabweans had applied. That’s impressive.

The chamber application says the 24 145 had already been connected and were enjoying the service. The figure however is inclusive of those linked to the service through the mobile application. That doesn’t take away anything from the impressive feat it is to connect over 24 000 in one working day.

The equally impressive takeaway from that figure is the preparation that the parties involved in bringing Kwese TV to Zimbabwe had done. It is impressive that 31 000 applied in a day but it actually may be even more impressive that over 24 000 had been connected. Everyone from the sales teams to the installation guys were thoroughly prepared to move that quickly.


Over $4m was spent on the launch quantity of decoders and there was some logistical mastery to make those decoders available in Econet shops around Zimbabwe. The launch day was wildly successful up until BAZ poured water on that fire.

The numbers speak for themselves. People are genuinely interested in what Kwese has to offer. Zimbabweans have grown disillusioned with DStv and are willing to try out any other viable alternatives. For BAZ to deny us this option would be ‘criminal’, in my book. Even without some content exclusive to DStv (the EPL being the biggest), thousands of Zimbaweans had jumped on the Kwese train. DStv, when looking at these figures should be very afraid.

Are you one of the 24 000+ who had already been connected? Or are you part of the applicants group? Some of us were yet to register but were definitely going to. Do tell us what you think about these numbers.





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Kwese TV is a Zimbabwean satellite and broadcasting network owned by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, under Econet Media. On 23 August 2017, Econet Media announced that Kwese TV was now available in Zimbabwe and that decoders were available at Econet Shops. However, that very same day... Read More About Kwese

DStv is a Pay TV service owned by South African company, Multichoice. DStv provides a broad spectrum of entertainment, news and information channels subscribed to via bouquets. Bouquets have a pre selected number of channels. In Zimbabwe, the DStv service is provided by Multichoice Zimbabwe,... Read More About DStv

The High Court of Zimbabwe is one of the Superior Courts of Zimbabwe. The High Court deals at first instance with all high value and high importance cases. It also has a supervisory jurisdiction over all subordinate courts and tribunals. Appeals from the High Court... Read More About High Court


Kwese TV: The Full Dr Dish letter to BAZ demanding reversal of license cancellation


Download: Kwese TV distributor's urgent High Court application against BAZ & its CEO


  1. BASIL says:

    Kupinzana chando chaiko DStv will soon down size or else they will go broke or broken

    1. kudzie says:

      Brand loyalty will make DStv thrive even during tough times, Even when banks are trying by all means to stop payments.
      All Zimbabwe needs is competition not another Econet monopoly

  2. Maij says:

    I noticed that DStv is too expensive and there is no value for money and reception is pretty bad on some days so I stopped subscriptions over a year ago. I will definitely subscribe to kwese and I believe God will make it possible for them to provide the service to many Zimbabweans. We need more service providers and competition for satelite TV, Internet and phoning and electronics. The prices for these services are ridicolously high and dont match the incomes of people. In fact our calling and internet rates match those of the war zones.

    1. kudzie says:

      What reception? Don’t blame a faulty installation.
      Yes it’s overpriced but content is good.
      If kwese can deliver then it becomes a name to be reckoned with, but I don’t wanna start new programs cz DStv is overpriced, just a sacrifice to pay

  3. Gorila says:

    Kasite kenyu kakudhaka manje. Asi makadyiswa bag ne Kwese here. Coz kana makunyora 3 articles a day about Kwese hazvicha meke sense

    1. kudzie says:

      Ndo stories pple need to know.
      What’s going on with kwese,
      Ingawani some news stations dzinoita 1 week talking of Donald Trump’s tweets.

      1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro says:

        Don’t justify poor behaviour, by another persons poor behaviour. Whether people are interested in Kwese or not has no bearing on whether they should be allowed to operate. You cannot just authorise something, just because the people like it. There are laws and regulatory bodies for a reason.

        We understand that Techzim is upset about Kwese being blocked. But, repeating that discontent over and over doesn’t make a difference at all.

        1. Tyrion Stark says:

          You should read the Chamber Application from this morning. Kwese never applied for a licence. It was Dr Dish who had a licence to distribute content and partnered Kwese to be the content supplier. The cancellation of that licence was not legal, the BAZ CEO not having authority being one example. So the people want it and the law is on their side. Give it to them.

          1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro says:

            A regulatory authority cancels a licence and it isn’t legal based on what FACTUAL evidence? If the BAZ CEO didn’t have the authority, then where is the problem? They should ignore the cancellation and continue operating then, if they are well within their rights.

        2. Sagitarr says:

          Generally speaking yes, laws and regulations have a reason to play in society. It just so happens that the Zim govt uses these to suppress sections of society which may have different political or ideological beliefs. it’s not easy to discern this when you are benefiting and you’re part of that rotten system.

          1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro says:

            You operate within the framework of the laws of the land, period! Suppression, in this case, is your opinion and not a fact. When Econet itself zero rates traffic to their sub-services like Kwese and Ownai, it is suppression to other competing services too. But, it’s legal, so we allow them to continue.

            Being a villian is just a matter of perspective. Today you are crying for Kwese, tomorrow you could be baying for their blood. I’m neither for them, nor against them. I’m just saying, follow the law.

        3. wanguda says:


        4. jaydeebee says:

          wel said Musadaro!

    2. zimbo says:

      I think what you wanted to ask is, How do I not read a story I don’t want to read… We could help with that.

  4. Cheated says:

    I think kwese will do the usual econet thing… Crowd out the competition …. Then charge… Though any competition is welcome

  5. Bravo Chipato says:

    May you please help us by giving Econet wireless a chance to build Zimbabwe. Thus 100% indigenization. Why not Econet wireless, if there is some other companies from out side the country. Can’t you see that other people are going to be employed by that Kwese TV. Please let’s try to be open. I want to hear good news pertaining the Kwese TV in short period of time. Thank you.

  6. jaydeebee says:

    Gee Techzim, are you Econet-owned somewhere? Coz you sure are doin a lot of ‘balanced’ reporting for them… lol

  7. truth says:

    31,000 is not impressive when you look at it this way. How many of that number are econet employees and what discount did they receive? The decoders could have been installed free of charge for these employees. Lets not just swallow numbers but be critical on who these numbers are.

  8. truth says:

    Techzim your reporting needs to be more balanced. Asi you had a content deal with Kwese?
    Sorry it did not work out.

    Anyway Truth be told if kwese launched today they would not take out dstv. In pay tv – CONTENT IS KING. Dstv has the best content from around the world (sports, entertainment, etc). Kwese is an alternative but its a second tier alternative. I wonder how many of the fake 31,000 who are actually econet employees (econet, liquid telecom, zol,etc) would subscribe to kwese two months in a row. I’d rather subscribe to dstv compact since its the same price as kwese full bouquet (or rather bucket) of second class channels.

    Lets have fair reporting. Thanks.

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