Here is how you can get Kwese in Zimbabwe right now (unofficially)

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Econet Zimbabwe has now announced the availability of Kwese TV officially at Econet Shops. Click here for full story.

The excitement is building up. The wait is agonising now. Does Kwese have a licence yet? It looks like they have it or at least are about to get it. It is just a matter of time before they announce but that’s not good enough for some of us. If you absolutely can’t wait here is what you can do. Keep in mind this is not official though.

The Kwese set top box (decoder) is on sale in Zimbabwe right now, in Harare at least. We actually went to one such store where the decoders are being sold and can confirm this. There was even content playing on a TV from a Kwese decoder. The decoders are being imported from countries where Kwese is already licenced, like Zambia.

The decoders come with their own satellite dishes and a fresh installation is required. You can’t just connect the Kwese decoder to your Dstv satellite dish as the satellites they receive information from are different. This means the dishes face different directions. If you can do that yourself, good for you but the merchants selling the decoders also provide installation services.

Let’s talk price. The decoder and dish set will set you back about $60- $70. That’s steep isn’t it. That price however also includes $33 for the first month’s subscription to the full bouquet, which makes it reasonable. This bouquet is the only one available at the moment unfortunately. Let us break down that price then.


The full bouquet costs $33 which is comparable to the Dstv compact bouquet. That price is not in line with what is being charged in other countries. In other countries the same bouquet costs around $24-$28. The difference is probably these merchants’ charge for the trouble they are going through to make it happen for us. When Kwese officially launches it will probably be in the $24-$28 range for the monthly full bouquet subscription as it is in other countries.

Interest in the Kwese decoder has risen sharply because of the current challenges in making Dstv payments and the rumours of the licencing of Kwese in Zimbabwe. Now that there is a way to get Kwese right now, are you going to give it a try?




Kwese TV is a Zimbabwean satellite and broadcasting network owned by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, under Econet Media. On 23 August 2017, Econet Media announced that Kwese TV was now available in Zimbabwe and that decoders were available at Econet Shops. However, that very same day... Read More About Kwese

DStv is a Pay TV service owned by South African company, Multichoice. DStv provides a broad spectrum of entertainment, news and information channels subscribed to via bouquets. Bouquets have a pre selected number of channels. In Zimbabwe, the DStv service is provided by Multichoice Zimbabwe,... Read More About DStv

Harare formerly Salisbury is the capital of Zimbabwe. It is the seat of Government, the industrial hub and commercial centre for Zimbabwe. The city was founded by the Cecil John Rhodes-led Pioneer Column in 1890 and named Salisbury. The name was only changed to Harare... Read More About Harare


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  1. JAYDEEBEE says:

    Wow – will we be able to pay in bond notes, as well as Ecocash??

    1. Abdoulaye Sankara says:

      Yes of course

  2. Master says:

    Techzim you are so unethical there is always better way of reporting than giving people lies

    1. Which lies exactly?

    2. Edward Dube says:

      You better be ethical, so that people can rely on your info rather than propagating lies or false hopes.

  3. dadaddie says:

    And they tend to report on Econet stuff only and how to do stuff on whatsapp. You need a content developer to grow the exceptional idea u have

    1. Sam says:

      i thought these businesses are driven by advertising revenue of which some businesses succeed through advertisements

    2. Tyrion Stark says:

      Dude there’s like a lot of Netone stuff on there right now. The smartphone thing from Netone has a couple of articles. The funeral cover thing. The Telecel LTE. Where are you getting your stats? I myself have an Econet line as do most Zimbos so we expect more Econet stuff but I get why they write about Netone.

  4. Leslie Nyamayaro says:

    Econet sucks one fusion is the future. And what channels is Kwese TV offering for it’s full bouquet.

  5. Donato power says:

    Econet ndizvo
    Kwese ndizvo

  6. Mncedisi Ncube says:

    I want kwese TV decoder, we and can I get it in Bulawayo

    1. busani Sibanda says:

      ls kwese TV available in Bulawayo

  7. Edward Dube says:

    Lets be professional guys. Broadcast licence are issued by Broadcadting Authority of Zimbabwe after a public invitation through the media, which has not been done. You can read the Broadcasting Services Act for your diligence.

    1. Tapiwa✓ says:

      Lets be professional guys. Broadcast licence are issued by Broadcadting Authority of Zimbabwe after a public invitation through the media, which has not been done.

      …or you could parner with an entity that was awarded a license previously. Kwese executed the same move the government-owned Skynet (trading as Multichoice Zimbabwe) did. All of a sudden the BAZ thinks there is problem

  8. busani Sibanda says:

    ls kwese TV available in Bulawayo

  9. Juru says:

    Why buying another dish ? This is crazy

    1. Bruny Surin says:

      No no . Its not crazy .You are crazy.

  10. Wellington says:

    No EPL broadcasting NO DEAL

  11. Weston Mugocha says:

    Where can I get the Kwese set? I live in Hwange. And is it available here?

  12. Mambo Matope says:

    The introduction of kwese tv wil end the long monopoly era of multichoice dstv. Therefore multichoice will improve its services for the benefit of customers and so is kwese. Now for this two service provider the focus is now on the customer..

  13. VuSi says:

    Can i please get the number of the dealers?

  14. simz says:

    Is EPL on kwese

  15. Anonymous says:

    ko vanoda zvakachipa vanoita sei

  16. weng says:

    miraitione kutirakadiiii

  17. Johno says:

    Satellite dishes receive the same signals from space. It is the tuning at the LNB that selects or rejects certain frequencies depending on the decoder input frequency. For guaranteed best performance I suggest a new LNB and decoder to replace DSTV.

  18. Zindoga says:

    Well done mr Masiwa..

  19. The Game says:

    On what satellite is kwese broadcasting on

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