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NetOne launches OneTech to bring you smartphones with free OneFusion

Today, NetOne launched a new service called OneTech at Meikles Hotel. NetOne is partnering with BancEASY to bring OneTech. It will be a service which will allow people to buy phones on monthly terms over a period of 12 months. OneTech is made possible because of the partnership that NetOne has made with BancEASY.

The partnership has seen NetOne getting a $10 million cheque from BancEASY to finance this new service. This money will be used to buy the devices and then resell them to people who will take part in OneTech.  The service will be available to civil servants, salaried individuals and small to medium business. These people will be able to apply to buy a device under OneTech. According to NetOne, once the application has been approved, you will receive your device within one day.

OneTech will offer a range of devices from manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and Huawei. The devices will range from as low as $18 per month e.g ZTE Blade L100 and as high as $230 per month e.g iPhone 7+ 128GB. For each purchase of a device under OneTech, you will get a 1-year free warranty and free OneFusion every month for 12 months. The package of OneFusion that you will get will depend on the type of phone you would have bought.

For example, low-end devices like Huawei Y3 II which you can get for $24 per month will give you OneFusion 5 for free while medium range devices like the Samsung J5 which you can get for $49 per month will give you OneFusion 10 for free. Basically, all devices that you can get for under $30 per month will give you OneFusion 5, above $30 and below $60 per month will give you OneFusion 10 and any device that you can get for above $60 per month will give you OneFusion 20.

OneTech is not a new concept or that great as we have seen other mobile operators offering devices for sale with some added data benefits. However, OneFusion has seen popularity among people who want more value for less cost so NetOne offering these packages for free along with the devices will give them a competitive advantage.

According to NetOne, OneTech has been a missing link to their products so it will help them to bring more complementary products around their mobile network. For BancEASY, it’s an opportunity for them to invest in something and if it works then they can keep doing so and have an extra revenue source. So there might be more to OneTech than what meets the eye right now.


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  1. Free is indeed an abused word . . . The iphone 7 will be (usd185 per month) * 12 = usd 2220. WOW

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