NetOne’s OneTech: Things you should know before buying the smartphone

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So NetOne recently launched a new service called OneTech which will allow people to buy phones on monthly terms. The service will offer a range of smartphones and each smartphone you purchase will come with free OneFusion data package depending on what price range the device is in. Today, we are going to look at some of the questions or concerns that you might come across if you decide to get a smartphone under OneTech.


Will the monthly installment fee stay the same?

You might think that the monthly fee you’d pay for the smartphone might not change. However, considering the economy in Zimbabwe and how the exchange rate for Bond notes to USD can change, it could be possible that one day you could wake up and be told that the price is higher.

So we asked someone from NetOne at the launch and they responded saying that the monthly term fee agreed upon will not change for the whole 12 months regardless of what the current exchange rate will be at. This is a good thing as you have a guarantee that once you start the payment plan, you won’t suddenly be told that you now have to pay more.


Are you able to trade in an older smartphone for a new one?

So this one isn’t like you buy your phone somewhere else and then go to OneTech and request to trade in the smartphone. It’s more like you buy a smartphone under OneTech and a year later, you go back to OneTech so that you can trade in the older smartphone and get a new one after adding some more money.

We asked NetOne and they said, “at this stage, you’re not able to trade in and upgrade but they are working on it, you can only invest on a new smartphone”. So it’s not possible to go in with your Samsung Galaxy S8 which you bought from OneTech in order to get a Samsung Galaxy S9 when it comes out.

Is it a good deal?

Honestly, it’s not for any phone that you end up getting. The way they will make money is by charging you a lot extra for the convenience of getting the smartphone on a payment plan and for having it immediately once you start the monthly payments.

However, whether it is a good deal can also be relative to each person. For example, someone might not be able to spend $1000 at once to get a Samsung Galaxy S8 but they might be able to spend $175 per month to get the same smartphone. That person might also be willing to pay the extra premium to get the device at such terms.

If you are going to be looking for a smartphone, before running to OneTech, consider seeing if you are able to save up that money and buy the device later at a cheaper price. I say this because even the extra free OneFusion that you get isn’t enough to make it attractive enough to buy a smartphone from OneTech.

Maybe that’s the point, NetOne isn’t targeting individuals with this new service. They might be focusing on businesses who can get these smartphones for their employees by partially paying the monthly fee and deducting the rest from the employee. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section down below. Is this a great deal for individuals or it’s really for business? Would you get a smartphone from OneTech, if so why? If not why wouldn’t you do that?

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5 thoughts on “NetOne’s OneTech: Things you should know before buying the smartphone

  1. Its unrealistic, you are better off saving and negotiating with a phone dealer where you can get the same handset very cheaper and still remain with enough dollars to buy the fusion

  2. Funny that there’s nothing about this on NetOne’s website. The graphic image with the list of phones is grainy (low resolution) when you enlarge it and therefore unreadable and uninformative. What a way to start a promotion!

  3. With the current state of the economy, its not an ideal service, maybe sensible to a few individuals. I like your unbiased analysis, keep it up. That makes your reviews genuine and worth to follow

  4. kkkkkkk Is this a joke lol. So they mean to say I’ll pay $50 a month for a Samsung Galaxy J5 for 12 months which amounts to $600 kkkkkk. This must be a joke, okay let’s take out the OneFusion 10 still the phone will cost $480 kkkkk while i can buy the same phone for $180 or less from a phone dealer. That’s $300 more kkkkk Netone hayi.

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