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PSL Zimbabwe launches an android app

RE: All you soccer fans

Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League (ZPSL) has made it easy for all soccer fanatics to stay intimate with the game. This is both good and bad news.

Good of course for all the soccer fans but really bad for those who are, or have been competing with soccer for attention (I’ll be very professional and not mention names, but you know yourselves). It can’t get any worse than having almost everything pertaining to Zim football bundled into one app!

The app, PSL Zimbabwe, has quite a number of utilities from latest fixtures and results to game rules and laws. It also gives you the option of turning on notifications so you can receive live updates. In fact, let me list these utilities for you so you know the whole deal. Here we go:

  • Log standings
  • Latest results
  • Next fixtures
  • Top goal scorers and their goal scores
  • Coach of the month
  • Player of the month
  • Player details (including personal)
  • Player suspension
  • News summary compiled from the local newspapers
  • Clubs listings and details – including galleries
  • Downloads i.e. documents with PSL rules and regulations, FIFA laws, PSL accreditation forms, Mid-season transfer, lists to mention but a few.
  • Social media updates (Facebook and Twitter)

However, I had a few problems with the app itself besides the few crashes. As I was still navigating the main page, I noticed that hitting the back button of my phone meant closing the app, no warning, nothing. This was really annoying for me considering that my internet was slow, which meant that I had to restart the app and wait impatiently for it to reload… a couple of times!

The other problem I had with it is after closing the app unintentionally one too many times, I decided to then just multitask. I left it to load in the background while using other applications but somehow whenever it was done loading, it would just pop up and override whatever other app that was open.

Lastly, I just didn’t get how enabling the offline reading helped since the app wouldn’t open without some internet connection.

In conclusion, apart from these fixable glitches, I think the app is a very useful tool; even better once the ticket sales function (allows you to purchase tickets via the app) is enabled. So far, it just has about a hundred downloads, which are likely to skyrocket as more people become aware of the app. To download your own, click here.

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2 thoughts on “PSL Zimbabwe launches an android app

  1. Nice to have this. Just downloaded it, but I note that it will only accept Zimbabwe phone numbers (insisted on a valid 10-digit number” – luckily I still have mine – which could stymie efforts of others out of the country to register.

  2. Good step forward, if they provide regular updates on Zim soccer might create problems for zim sports blogs as people might move to the psl app

    they should move the app to a psl google developer account, this issue of having the app under the name of the developer in the app store is not a good idea long term

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