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Tales from Pitch Drive – daily videos for you to follow these 2 Zim startups on their European tour

Tales from Pitch Drive

Tales from Pitch Drive is a series of daily videos documenting the tour across Europe of 14 African tech entrepreneurs. We recently talked about this tour called Pitch Drive and how 2 Zimbabwean start-ups BitFinance and Real Food will be taking part as they qualified out of 118 applicants from across Africa.

Pitch Drive will be a chance for these Zimbabwean startups and others from Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Uganda, South Africa, and Nigeria to pitch to investors in order to raise €20million in funding, explore international opportunities and learn about frontier tech markets. Tales from Pitch Drive will cover this tour across 5 tech cities across Europe (Paris, Zurich, Berlin, Amsterdam, and London). 

The activities that the 14 African startups will be participating in will be documented by the Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) crew. Tales from Pitch Drive will highlight themes across leadership, adventure, women in tech, African business partnerships, investor relationships, funding and so much more. Tales from Pitch Drive will be hosted on CcHUB’s YouTube channel and will last for 3 weeks starting today 14 August 2017.

According to CcHUB, the videos will be 20 minutes long and will offer a unique opportunity to Tech Pros, (African) smart investors, entrepreneurs, young startups, tech enthusiasts and anyone interested a chance to follow the adventures of the 14 African startups. It’s interesting to find out what kind of nuggets of information will come out of these daily videos. 

I’ll be keeping my eye out for them and you should consider it also as you might just gain an insight from them. It’s a really good thing that these video will be available as some of the people who couldn’t take part in Pitch Drive will get to do so in a way through Tales from Pitch Drive. If you do end up watching it and come across something interesting, tweet @Techzim on Twitter and tag CcHUB Twitter, we would love to hear from you.

Below is a Teaser of Tales from Pitch Drive 2017.

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