BAZ is challenging the granting of ‘Kwesé TV license’ in Supreme Court

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Kwese TV

About a week ago, the High Court of Zimbabwe reserved judgment on the urgency of Kwesé TV application. A day later, the ruling was announced in favor of the urgent application and they were allowed to keep operating. Now, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) is contesting the ruling of the High Court.

BAZ lawyers filed a notice of appeal at the Supreme Court. The notice from the lawyers argues that the High Court had no jurisdiction to preside over the Kwesé TV case. According to the lawyers, the High Court erred in dealing with the application arising from the suspension or cancellation of the license as it was outside its jurisdiction.

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe contends that the High Court decision to allow Econet media to operate was improper since there was no amendment to Dr Dish’s license to broadcast. BAZ also believes that the matter was not urgent therefore the High Court erred in ruling it as urgent.

This is appeal is an attempt to get the High Court decision overruled by the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of this appeal, Dr Dish will have to pay all the legal costs incurred by BAZ.

Kwesé TV was launched in August in Zimbabwe as they were using a broadcasting license from Dr Dish which allowed them to operate locally. Later, BAZ then announced that the Dr Dish license was not valid anymore and Econet Media stopped operating their satellite TV locally. The court proceedings then began to lead up to this recent development. You can read the following to get more background on the case.

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  1. MacdChip

    I bet my money that the lawyers doing the appeal knows someone in higher up in BAZ. This is another way of milking the system and getting your friends to feed from the gvt coffers.

    We wait as we follow the case and hope reasonable arguments will be put forward.

  2. De

    Zvatanga Futi.. yoo

  3. Mario Moura

    Brave ECONET trying to move forward but as per usual the people on the other side continue to stop progress taking place because of their own agenda which everyone knows JUST GIVE IT A BREAK

  4. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Justice followed it’s course. This is now a pride or ego issue. BAZ is saying “Ini handinzarwo”. I’m sure the judge who made the ruling read all the relevant acts before giving his ruling.

  5. Murehwa

    “….BAZ also believes that the matter was not urgent therefore the High Court erred in ruling it as urgent…” So no pressure Supreme Court, take all your time (2years at least) to deliberate the appeal. Meanwhile, we enjoy Kwese….

    1. MacdChip

      Exactly! Its not urgent at all by Baz’s admission, so the Supreme Court can take its time, something like 10yrs to decide when the case can be heard is not bad at all whilst people are having real tv

  6. Lawrence

    Zanu pf are sole losers stubborn and uneducated its just better for them to give up and use our tax money for something better

  7. Chakachaya Manyoka

    I think CNN on Kwese is better than CNNon DSTV. What do you guys think? Lets support local CNN on local Kwese

    1. Langton

      Are the CNNs different? I subscribe DSTV for International and European Football. If they can source EPL and Spanish league, they will have my monthly $70 plus subs!

  8. Sagitarr

    Anyone applying basic logic can see through the smoke & mirrors. How can stopping a venture which creates 1600 jobs and an investment worth millions be curtailed and the matter “is not urgent”? What then is urgent? Saving puny jobs on a runaway gravy train? Well, let the SC take its time….

  9. Langton

    No wonder why why are in this messy, we prioritize power retention over economic advancement.

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