Telone launches voice bundles, call other networks for 10c per minute and up to 950 free minutes to other Telone numbers

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As Techzim reported yesterday, Telone has launched voice bundles, accordingly we now have more information on what the voice bundles are.

The voice bundles are essentially just recharge cards for the fixed line. Telone is now providing a prepaid option for residential customers. They are similar to what users are used to on their mobile contracts.

There are three bundles at launch, for $5, $10 and $20.

For $5 you get 200 on-net minutes, i.e for Telone to Telone and 50 off-net minutes. The off-net minutes will allow you to call all the other networks, Econet, Telecel etc. The 50 off-net minutes are for LOCAL calls only.

For $10 you get 450 on-net minutes and 100 off-net minutes.

For $20 you get 950 on-net minutes and 200 off-net minutes.

This translates to 10c per minute to call any network in Zimbabwe. Contrast this with Econet where it is 16c per minute off peak and a hard to swallow 27c per minute during peak hours.

The offer is valid for 3 months and as mentioned above it will only be available for prepaid residential clients only.

Now that you are on Prepaid, you can purchase voice bundles and enjoy this amazing offer.

If you buy these special bundles, the $5, $10 and $20 bundles mentioned above you will not get the free on-net 6pm to 6am calls available with the other non special bundles.

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    what happened to ther other stoopid techzim article earlier about tel1 international rates increasing, the article disappeared? why was that

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