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EcoCash remodeled website now has increased utilities

Nathalie Jabangwe C.E.O of EcoCash

No doubt that EcoCash has really grown and they have the stats to prove it. Techzim in June, wrote about the milestone growth of the EcoCash ecosystem, i.e. the merchants, agents and ultimately all subscribers. As such, EcoCash has decided to have its own website, not an extension of Econet’s, but a separate one altogether – guess the baby is now old enough to move out.

Well, besides the obvious extreme makeover, as expected, the move has come with much more utilities. From the old website you could access the basic enquiries such as the EcoCash tariffs and charges, FAQs, EcoCash contacts etc. Now, added to those old ones, you can access much more including the EcoCash download links for both Android and iOS.

Also, there is much more elaborate detail on EcoCash (and all related) that you can just look up instead of being put on hold forever before you get to speak to a customer service representative. One of the main features I found interesting are the #HowToVideos. It would really be of great value to be told what to do in video format than say when someone is telling you over the phone or otherwise – no pressure to figure out what they are saying in real time. Plus, you can always revisit if you have forgotten how it’s done.

The search button is also one of the additions I found quite useful on the site. Instead of just getting lost and discovering you have spent more time than intended on the site, you can just search for it right at the top. It really is handy now considering how the site looks, I won’t say how lest it sounds like I’m just giving props to the site just for the sake of it. So, I’ll let you look at it and judge for yourself.

And for those who love promotions… well, the new website doesn’t allow you to miss any at all because they are right in your face. A generous proportion of the screen has been dedicated to promotions and new products that people would use on a day-to-day basis.

Moreover, for those who love following what EcoCash is up to, (I mean it’s critical in this economy considering how unsettled we are about the volatility of all things pertaining to money) you can now easily sign up for their newsletter on the site. You can also easily follow EcoCash on social media from the site and see or applaud them for what they are up to…. though we all know I actually mean so you can easily complain on social media if not satisfied with any of their products.

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  1. best way to solve this is to adapt bitcoin the banks should just make their own cryptocurrency and distribute it . The more who engage in the system the stronger the currency

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