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Is There a Zimbabwean Polytechnic That Accepts Online Applications?

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What year is it? It’s 2017 right. So why are Zimbabwean polytechnics not accepting online applications? Well, maybe they do so let me not rush to say that they aren’t. Let’s take a look at whether it is possible to do an online application for a Zimbabwean Polytechnic.

Harare Polytechnic doesn’t accept at all

When you visit the Harare Polytechnic website, you’ll not find anywhere for you to make an application online or even download an application form for you to fill in and then drop at Harare Polytechnic. According to some people, the only way for you to apply is to literally write an application letter to them.

Makes you wonder, are letters still a big thing or they just don’t want to move with the times.

Bulawayo Polytechnic is still in the past

Bulawayo Polytechnic does have a website that you can visit. At one point in time, it seemed like they were working on at least starting the process online. However, according to the information available there, they last updated the website in 2014 when they were about to get their 2015 intake.

So yeah, I guess they got lost in the past somehow.

Mutare Polytechnic starts the application process online

Mutare Polytechnic also has a website just like the other two. They also have application forms that you can download from the website and they are updated so if you’re looking to enroll for 2018, you can start the process online by downloading the application form.

At least they’re doing something to get you to start the process online.

Gweru Polytechnic is not too far in the past

Gweru Polytechnic also has application forms that you can download from their website just like Mutare Polytechnic. However, they last updated their website for the April 2017 intake so you might think the form isn’t for you and decide not to check it out.

Is it hard to accept online applications?

Now, if you take a look, I just looked at the functionality of either accepting online applications or at least starting the application process online through downloading forms. The design of the websites can be commented on another time but let’s get to the question, is it hard to accept online applications?

Well, I don’t think so, take a look at the University of Zimbabwe, for example, they do accept online applications and you can complete the whole process right from your laptop or smartphone. Other universities like NUST also have online registration but that’s when you are already a student.

You might be thinking well they have more resources etc. True. However, if you look at it, all these institutions are government owned. It just takes one good developer to create a platform that can then be used on the different Polytechnic sites.

An interesting thing that I saw is that the application forms are not even specific to which intake so why can’t such a form be replicated online? Another thing is that all the Polytechnics probably collect the same basic information so it could just be one layout used on all and if there is a need for tailored information then that can be made available later in the process.

Yes, it is not as simple as I make it sound to create a platform that accepts online application. Things like security, data storage etc need to be considered but we do have people who can make such a platform so why are all these Polytechnics not getting such platforms?

These are not all the Polytechnics available in Zimbabwe so there might be one that does accept online applications. If you know one, do let us know about it and we’ll update the article. Let us know what you think about online applications. Do you think it’s hard to create an online application platform? Are they needed?

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2 thoughts on “Is There a Zimbabwean Polytechnic That Accepts Online Applications?

  1. This is purely ignorance from the responsible heads. Honestly, creating an online platform for applications is now a part 1.1 project. Any I.C.T student from any University, or even the poly can implement such a system.

  2. This is very sad! The worst part is that when you approach them to propose making an online based system for all this, they are very reluctant. At times they are not even interested in listening. I once wanted to create a one stop shop for all the polytechnics where students could register and have a portal to access whether they would have been assisted. But the heads are just not interested.

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